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Gtech are leaders in the design and manufacture of innovative cordless products to make your life easier. Their world leading products include the AirRam, AirRam Multi, Ebike and a range of garden tools. They also do attachments and multi car kits. Gtech’s products offer real quality at an affordable price, which, if you use one of our discount codes below will be an even better deal!

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Active Gtech Codes & Deals for January 2017

Fantastic Prices on a great range of Power Sweepers

Clean all your floors easily with one of Gtech's Power Sweepers. Select the sweeper that best suits your needs, all of which are suitable for both carpets and hard floors and enjoy a more convenient way to clean, at a great price.

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Gtech website

Gtech (orignally Grey Technology) has a clear vision - to provide the best loved floor-care and garden products in the world. Gtech have sold over 22 million products in 19 countries. From their British headquarters, the Gtech creative team of Designers, Engineers and Model Makers are focussed on innovating to create cordless, easy to use products to help make your life easier!

Gtech Multi Hoovers

Gtechs range of lightweight upright vacuum cleaners present an outstanding cleaning performance, due to their revolutionary designs and attachments. The cordless nature of the vacuum’s allow users to reach every part of their floors and move around their home easily, without being tethered to the wall. The bagless aspect of the vacuums means no longer having to replace a bag or empty a messy cylinder. Dirt is compressed into bales that can just be dropped into your dustbin, without mess. Each vacuum offers a long run time and comes complete with a 2 year guarantee making the price an extremely good deal!

The AirRam - What’s the big deal?

Whether cleaning carpets or hard floors The Gtech AirRam allows you to do both with ease and without the need to change settings. Being a lightweight vacuum, the cleaner enables you to glide through your home and is easy to lift up stairs. The AirRam’s efficient design means cleaning awkward corners are a thing of the past. The powerful brush bars are great at not only picking up surface dirt but also any dirt embedded in your carpet. The AirRam can be easily stored and removed, without the need to wind and unwind power cables. Check out the AirRam voucher codes and deals above to save you money on the price.

The AirRam K9

The AirRam K9 is an upgrade to the original AirRam and is ideal for pet owners. The new design is a big deal and means that even the most stubborn hairs embedded in your carpet will be removed with ease. The upgrade offers such high performance by minimising the hair that may wrap around the brush-bar, some traditional vacuum cleaners may become clogged with hair and lose some of their performance power, however, the K9 is built to withstand the extra strain. The lightweight of the original AirRam remains with the K9 and as an added extra there are refillable scented filters, that will help eliminate pet odours and leave your room smelling fresh.

The Gtech Multi

The Multi has been designed to be the perfect partner for the AirRam. It has all the cleaning performance of an upright vacuum in a lightweight hand-held vacuum. Rather than fiddle around with attachments on your vacuum, that can become lost over time and need to stay attached to a larger vacuum to work, the Gtech Multi includes everything you need to reach even the hardest of places in your home. The hand-held nature allows you to make short work of sofa’s, stairs and car interiors, plus the extension tube and concealed flexible hose help you reach all the nooks and crannies from your floor to your ceiling. Don’t forget to look for Gtech multi discount codes and offers above to save you money and get the best price.

Gtech Multi Car Kit

The Multi Car Kit consists of three additional versatile tools for your Gtech Multi. These extra tools help make short work of your car interior and around your home too. The soft dusting brush is designed for more delicate surfaces such as the dashboard, allowing you to dust without the worry of damage, the bristles are soft enough to allow you to dust around television stands and tables too. The flexible crevice tool will help you to reach awkward spots, such as car doors or behind radiators and the compact upholstery tool really gets to grips with the small crevices in both car upholstery and sofas.

Gtech Power Sweepers

The SW22

The SW22 Lithium Power Sweeper provides effortless cleaning of your floors, carpets and upholstery. The SW22 boasts a long run time of up to 120 minutes, meaning that the average UK home could be cleaned up to six times over before a recharge is required. The lightweight aspect of the sweeper allows you to move through your home with ease. Skirting boards and awkward corners can be cleaned effortlessly with the well designed side brush. Cleaning stairs can be quick and efficient by simply removing the guard and telescope handle to create a well balanced hand-held.

The SW20

The SW20 power sweeper includes all the fantastic features of the SW22, enabling trouble free cleaning of your floors, carpets and upholstery. Even pet hairs can be removed with ease using a power sweeper. The difference in the two being that the SW20 uses a NiMH battery, making the run time slightly less than the SW22, however the 60 minute run time can mean a 3 time clean of the average UK home, without the need for a recharge.

The SW02

Gtech’s first ever power sweeper, the SW02 makes light work of cleaning. The powerful sweeper cleans carpets, floors, stairs and upholstery with ease. All the fantastic features available with the SW22 and SW20 are included in the SW02 design, including the adjustable lie-flat handle that allows you to reach under furniture and achieve a better clean.

Gtech Garden tools

The Falcon

Gtech’s Cordless Falcon Lawnmower is compact, easy to use and best of all powerful. The simplicity of the mower is genius, there are no cables to untangle and try and avoid during cutting, you simply insert the battery, press the lever and go. The precision carbon steel blades give a wide cut and allow you to cut closer to your boundaries too. The blades can also be adjusted to achieve the cutting height that you desire. The collection bin boasts a generous 40 litre capacity and is easy to see when it needs emptying. Once you have finished mowing the handle folds down for a compact and clutter free storage.

The ST20 Strimmer

The ST20 Cordless Strimmer is a powerful tool that will enable you to trim the very edges of your garden, without having to find an extension lead long enough to reach. With a simple twist the strimmer can be easily converted to a precision lawn edger. The Lithium-ion battery will give a running time of 30 minutes before a recharge is required, giving you plenty of time to obtain those perfect edges. What’s more Gtech will provide Free spare blades for the life of your product!

The HT20

The HT20 Cordless Hedge Trimmer is a powerful garden tool that will allow you to reach the top of any tall bushes in your garden. The Lithium-ion battery is interchangeable with the ST20 and provides you with a 45 minute running time. The belt driven power gives a smooth delivery making the Trimmer a joy to use. The Trimmer can be transformed into a branch cutter in seconds, allowing you to make light work of any thicker branches.

The HT05-Plus

The HT05-Plus is the latest lightweight hedge trimmer from Gtech. The trimmer offers an adjustable cutting head, making it easier to cut any difficult angles. The extendable reach of 1.7 metres minimises the need for unstable ladders, by allowing users to cut up to 10ft tall. The safety switch means that the trimmer cannot be accidentally started and the cordless nature lets you move around your garden with ease.

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Gtech FAQs

How can I find which model number I have?

To find the model number of your product, check the rating sticker on the products and the model number is printed in the right hand top corner.

Do you sell Car Kits for the Gtech Multi?

Yes, the Multi Car Accessory Kit, which contains a small upholstery tool, a crevice tool and a soft dusting brush.

I have bought the SW20 Premium Power Sweeper and can't find the charger in my box?

The SW20 Premium Power Sweeper uses our eco charger rather than a traditional charger and can be located in the dust tray of your sweeper.

My code doesn’t seem to work?

It’s possible you might have entered an expired code - please double check the expiry date. The latest codes are towards the top of the Gtech page. If your code appears to be within the validity period then please contact us so we can contact the retailer and see what the problem is.

I’m unable to locate my voucher codes?

When you click on a code, it opens in a new tab or window - usually your browser will automatically switch to the new window for you. However, if it doesn’t please look in the tab next to your current one. Some deals and special offers use bespoke links and have the discount built in and automatically applied when you go through to the retailer’s site.

For more FAQs for this retailer visit: https://www.gtech.co.uk/support/

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