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What are Voucher Codes, Discount Codes, Promo codes etc?

Voucher codes can have many different names including Discount Codes, Promo Codes, Coupon Codes, Promotional Voucher and more. Voucher Code is the most common term in the UK. Codes are typically a set of letters, numbers or a mixture of both that can be entered on a retailers online checkout area to get a discount, free gift or free delivery on your purchases.

How do I use a Voucher Code?

Simply find a voucher code on NetVoucherCodes.co.uk that you would like to use and click the button to reveal the code. The retailers website will open in either a separate tab or a new window depending on your browser settings. Choose the items you would like from the retailer website and add them to your basket. At the checkout page (sometimes called the basket page) have a look around the page for a box that asks you to enter a code. Go back to the NetVoucherCodes.co.uk page and copy the code. Paste this code in to the box on the retailers website, your basket should then be updated showing the discount you have received.

Please note: Sometimes you will not be able to enter the voucher code on the retailers website until you have signed up to their account or logged in. A few retailers don't show the discount until you are further down the checkout stages but they do generally notify you when this is the case.

How long does a voucher code last?

Voucher codes can be valid for just a few hours, a day, a week or in some cases for the whole year or more! We always strive to give a very accurate expiry date with all our voucher codes. If you are planning on making a purchase its best to do so as soon as possible as sometimes retailer may end or cancel the voucher code earlier than expected.

Can I use a voucher code more than once?

That depends. First its usually worth quickly checking the T&Cs, if there are any, as some codes state only one per customer. If it doesn't mention if a voucher code can't be used multiple times make your biggest or most important purchase first. There's no harm in trying for a second or even third time to get more discounts.

How much will I save?

How long is a piece of string? Voucher codes vary from retailer to retailer and largely depends on the type of products or services being sold. Technology and appliances tend to have smaller profit margins so the voucher codes tend to be smaller where as Clothing voucher codes tend to give more generous discounts. The amount you save also depends on the amount you spend, in most cases the more you spend the more you save.

Can I use multiple Voucher Codes on the same basket?

Generally the answer is no but there are some retailers out there that do allow this function. The ability to use multiple voucher codes is commonly referred to as stackable voucher codes. Again its worth having a go as saving can be vast! Always use the one that gives you the highest discount first.

The voucher code isn't working, am I doing something wrong?

First check to see if there are any T&Cs listed. Voucher codes may list what products they are valid or not valid on ie 10% off all laptops excluding Apple or 10% off all full priced products. If there are no T&Cs, no exclusions and the voucher code is still in date then please contact us so we can investigate.

The common reasons for a voucher code not working include:-

  • We have listed the voucher code wrong - in which case we need to rectify it quickly.
  • You have not copied the voucher code correctly - uppercase or lower case letters are being used or there may be a space and the beginning or end that shouldn't be there.
  • The voucher code has expired.
  • The retailer has a fault on their website which they need to know about and fix.
  • The retailer has ended the code early therefor we need to take it off our website as quick as possible.

Why are deals and sales also listed?

Deals and Sales can give a bargain hunter a better discount than what a voucher code would so we always like to list all the best ones available to give you the best bargain information possible. You don't need a voucher code to get the discount, simply click the link to be taken directly to the retailers website to take advantage of the special offer, deal or lovely sale.

Can I use a voucher code to get a discount on a deal or a sale item?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Again read through the Terms and Conditions if there are any. Voucher Code terms can sometimes state; cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount. Some state that they can only be used on full priced items. If there is no mention that you can't if worth giving them a try as you've nothing to loose.

How do I use NetVoucherCodes.co.uk?

There are several ways to use NetVoucherCodes

  • If you are looking for a discount from a particular retailer either search for them in the search box or use the A-Z.
  • If you are wanting to see what voucher codes are available for a product type try the categories section. ie Fashion Vouchers Codes, Furniture Voucher Codes, Jewellery voucher codes etc.
  • If you are generally browsing for bargains and great deals have a look on our Top 10 on our Homepage, the Top Codes tab or the Seasonal section.
  • You can also follow us on Twitter @netvouchercodes or like us on Facebook
  • We also have an iPhone & Android app which is available free to download