Holiday Lettings Discount Codes 2020 / 2021

Holiday Lettings Discount Codes 2020 / 2021

Valid Holiday Lettings Voucher Codes 2021 & Late Deals on Hotels for 2020

Popular Holiday Lettings Discount Codes 2020 / 2021

Voucher Code Description Code Expires
List your property for Free at Holiday Lettings ******** 25 Jul 2020
Special Offers with Newsletter sign-ups at Holiday Lettings ******** 18 Jul 2020
France Holiday Home Stays from just £10 at Holiday Lettings ******** 01 Aug 2020
Spanish Villa Stays from as low as £10 per night at Holiday Lettings ******** 18 Jul 2020

Holiday Lettings Money-Saving Hints & Tips

“Check out the Holiday Lettings ‘Offers’ section for the latest discounted range of properties available!”

“Sign up to the Holiday Lettings newsletter service to get personalised accommodation suggestions sent straight to your inbox, plus promotional offers and more!”

“Property owners can list their accommodation on Holiday Lettings for free, with no upfront charges, pay only 3% on confirmed bookings.”

More about Holiday Lettings

More about Holiday Lettings

Founded in 1999, Holiday Lettings set out with 2 ambitions for the company to achieve: make it easy for travellers to find a perfect holiday home and for property owners to get more bookings; starting out as a small collection of rental specialists, over the years the company has evolved into a team of experts nearing 100 strong - offering traveller/owner support in different languages. In 2010 the Holiday Lettings company got the backing of TripAdvisor, amplifying the company’s reach and adding a whole new level of expertise to their operation. Since then Holiday Lettings has strived to reach the top of the travel accommodation game, offering travellers the space, privacy, flexibility and value for money you simply can’t get from a hotel; Holiday Lettings believe with the money saved, the liberty of setting your own pace and enjoying your holiday like a local, creates a travel experience that will last you a lifetime. Don’t settle for anything less than perfect, source the villa with a pool, treat yourself to a convenient central based city accommodation - with Holiday Lettings, the decision is left with you.

Holiday Lettings Shopping Tips

Holiday villas in Spain

What could be more idyllic than a relaxing villa holiday out in Spain? Peace and quiet, meal arrangements that work for you and the freedom to come and go as you please, without all of the hustle and bustle of the hotel strip crowds - many would call it paradise. Fortunately, Holiday Lettings has a plethora of properties that fit the bill within their collection and many more other highly rated accommodations - check out their range of villas in Spain starting from as low as 12 euros a day! Book with confidence through Holiday Lettings, their extensive property reviews and payment protection offer customers peace of mind you would struggle to find anywhere else. 

Holiday apartments in New York City

Ever dreamed of travelling to the Big Apple? Perhaps you’ve paid it a visit in the past and are longing to return... New York city makes for an ideal travelling location year round, winter or summer the sights and attractions around the city are still open for business - so it’s really down to your personal preference when you wish to go and what your wallet can spare. However, it’s no secret that making the trip to NYC can often end up costing a small fortune, luckily Holiday Lettings is here to help and their range of affordable NYC accommodation could make a visit more achievable than you’d expect. Whether you’re in the market for a townhouse, apartment, condo or cottage, there’s an extensive variety of places to stay on offer within the Big Apple - with prices starting from £23 on a night’s stay you’d be a fool not to take advantage!


Is Holiday Lettings owned by TripAdvisor?

Yes, TripAdvisor acquired Holiday Lettings back in 2010.

What is TripAdvisor payment protection?

Payment Protection gives guests extra peace of mind when booking a rental through Holiday Lettings’ website. It means that Holiday Lettings will offer a full refund for your stay if: you’re prevented or denied access to your rental when you check in; the property is misrepresented (differing substantially to what was advertised). You are covered up to $10,000, £7,000 or €7000 (this depends on the currency in which you made the booking).

My booking was cancelled, where am I going to stay?

If you paid through the Holiday Lettings website, you should have received an email to confirm the cancellation. This explains why the booking was cancelled and offers help from the Holiday Lettings Reservations team to find an alternative place to stay.

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