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O2 Recycle take your old mobile phones, iPods, tablets, handheld games consoles and kindles for recycling and pay you for them. You don't have to be an O2 customer to use this service as it's open to everyone, whatever network you're on. They will give you a quote for your device and then send you out a free postage pack or, if you don't want to wait you can print a label to send it yourself. Then post your device to them for free. They will check your device over and pay you the agreed price on the same day that your device is processed. It couldn't be simpler!

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Recycle your old mobile phone or other gadgets online and make some money. A cheque or cash will be paid into your bank account - check now to see how much you can make

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 More about O2 Recycle

O2 Recycle website

Recycle your mobile phones and earn money as you do it with the help of O2 Recycle. MP3, cameras and other gadgets are also accepted. In doing so, you contribute to keeping a greener environment while earning for disposing gadgets lying around the house.

O2 Recycle: How it Works

Anybody is entitled to use O2 Recycle and it is a simple and easy process which can be completed in 5 simple steps. Firstly, search for your products whether it be a phone, camera, sat nav or ipod; you don’t have to be an O2 user either! Anybody on any network can use O2 recycle making it convenient for everybody. After finding your item, simply add it to your basket and head over to the checkout where your order will be placed. Remember to be prepared for shipping your item. Ensure you delete any personal data from your device and remove your sim and memory card. Make the most out of your recycled item and get the best price possible for your item by reading the T&C’s for useful, handy tips. Once your order is processed, package your item and send it over. Depending on your payment choice, you can be paid on the same day or within 5 working days and you can guarantee a fast, easy and reliable service provided by O2.

Sell you Gadget for cash

Get instant cash for your old gadget now with O2 Recycle! Is your old device stuck in a drawer collecting dust? O2 have sold over 2 million devices so why not sell yours? It doesn’t have to be your old mobile, it can be your camera, tablet or ipod. You don’t even need to be an O2 customer. Its quick and easy and can be done from the comfort of your home computer. O2 promise to give you the top price and if you see something better, no worries, O2 will match it! O2 aim to guarantee satisfaction, ‘what you see is what you get’, and if you’re not satisfied, you can have your order back free of charge.

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O2 Recycle FAQs

How can I be sure that I am getting the best price?

We are sure we are able to offer you the best price for your phone. Howver, If you see your device advertised for a higher price on a competitor's website within 7 days of placing your order with us we could match it for you

How does recycling my device help the environment?

If devices are just thrown away they are placed in landfill sites. They won’t breakdown or biodegrade and so could pollute the surrounding soil or waterways, which in turn damages plants and wildlife.

My device is locked to a non-UK network. Can I still use O2 Recycle ?

No, sorry we are currently unable to recycle devices which are locked to a non-UK network.

My code doesn’t seem to work?

It’s possible you might have entered an expired code - please double check the expiry date. The latest codes are towards the top of the O2 Recycle page. If your code appears to be within the validity period then please contact us so we can contact the retailer and see what the problem is.

I’m unable to locate my voucher codes?

When you click on a code, it opens in a new tab or window - usually your browser will automatically switch to the new window for you. However, if it doesn’t please look in the tab next to your current one. Some deals and special offers use bespoke links and have the discount built in and automatically applied when you go through to the retailer’s site.

For more FAQs for this retailer visit: https://www.o2recycle.co.uk/faqs.aspx

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