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Wherever you are, it’s good to stay in touch. Whether you’re out and about, at home or at the office, you want to be able to reach your family, your loved ones or your business contacts at the press of a button, without worrying about iffy coverage or signal strength. You want your apps fast and responsive, and you want your mobile internet as zippy as can be.Check out Vodafone's promotional codes below to get the perfect phone and plan for you at the best price

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 More about Vodafone

Vodafone website

Whether you’re looking for a monthly contract or a pay as you go phone, Vodafone’s excellent national coverage means you’ll be able to make the calls you want when you want, and their customer care will be there to help you with any queries you may have while their reward scheme helps you rake in the bonuses. Stocking the very latest in handsets like the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3, Vodafone are there to help you pick the phone and the SIM that’s right for you - and we’re here to help score you the best deals we can.

Here at NetVoucherCodes, we’ll do our best to keep you posted with any promotional codes, offers and deals we find. We’ll try and get you discount line rentals, pay monthly incentives, top up bonuses, savings on accessories like protective cases and memory cards, and anything else we can bring you. So check out what we’ve got right now, and keep an eye on the page for new and exclusive offers as they pop up.

Vodafone SIM Only

Get a Vodafone SIM only deal and keep the phone you love yet save on your data, calls and texts. Choose a Pay monthly bundle and enjoy flexible upgrades, with the option to get a new phone bundle after just three months. Or, choose a Pay as you go SIM only deal for even more flexibility. You have the option to choose your bundle and the length of your agreement, with the choices varying from 30 days to 12 months. With Vodaphone you can find bundles that suit your needs, whether it's lots of data you require or just unlimited phone calls. They’re not tight on the price either with SIM only deals ranging from £9 to £37 to fit whatever budget you’re working on.

Vodafone Upgrade

If you’re looking to upgrade with Vodafone you can do so in a few easy steps. Visit the website and register an account for information and deals on your upgrade options. Existing customers can even find themselves upgrading early when they’ve been dedicated to Vodafone, as well as receiving exclusive, money saving offers on contracts, SIMs, bundles and devices.

Vodafone Rewardz

With Vodafone rewardz you can find yourself receiving free gifts and rewards like the £10 Cinema pass that can be used in selected cinemas around the UK. You can also find yourself being gifted with other freebies that are offered to you for being loyal Vodafon customer.

Vodafone Sure Signal

If you live in a rural area or basement flat where you struggle to receive mobile reception you can always try Sure Signal from Vodafone. Vodafone Sure Signal creates a 3G signal in your home, it simply fits into a normal plug socket and doesn’t take up too much space. You can register up to 32 Vodafone numbers to Sure Signal and up to 8 people can make calls simultaneously. Order your Vodafone Sure Signal now and improve the reception in your home ensuring the ultimate mobile experience.

Vodafone iphone 7

The newest technology from Apple has arrived, the iPhone 7 is the latest IOS phone to be produced, it features the brightest and most colourful phone display and splash and water resistance. The iPhone 7 dramatically improves the most important aspects of the iPhone experience. It introduces advanced new camera systems, the best performance and battery life ever seen in an iPhone as well as immersive stereo speakers. The iPhone 7 at Vodafone is available with great monthly contracts that don’t break the bank. With value for money rewards at an affordable monthly cost alongside a low upfront, one time payment you can enjoy the latest iPhone now, for less than you expected with Vodafone.

Previous discounts from Vodafone

  • 30% off SIM only deal and get 5GB Data, Unlimited Minutes, 2GB Roaming Data, Unlimited Roaming minutes and texts for only £15pm

Vodafone: Shopping Guide

Vodafone are one of the UK’s most popular mobile service providers for both personal and business customers thanks to their great value, reliable service and huge range of available products, as well as their plentiful perks and online support features, which all go to make your Vodafone experience as pleasant and profitable as it could be.

Vodafone stock everything from cutting-edge smartphone technology and tablets like the iPad to dependable core mobile phones and all the accessories you could want, from globally renowned and trusted manufacturers. Just some of the brands you’ll find on the Vodafone site are:

  • Apple iPhone
  • Android Phones
  • BlackBerry
  • HTC
  • Huawei
  • Nokia
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Vodafone models
  • Windows Phones

So why shop with Vodafone through us? There’s plenty of benefits that come with shopping with Vodafone whether you’re an existing customer or considering switching over from your current network provider:

  • You’ll earn Rewardz each time you top up on Pay as you go
  • Keep your number if you’re coming from another network
  • SIM swap into a new handset easily
  • Swap your old mobile for cash
  • Transfer your numbers with RED Box
  • Manage your account with ease with the My Vodafone app
  • Try unlimited internet, free for three months
  • Use Wi-Fi hotspots across the country for free

A big part of what makes using Vodafone so convenient is the handy My Vodafone online account management system, letting you view and change your settings and preferences with ease, as well as providing swift convenient access to the various rewards and promotions you’ll earn:

  • Online access to your account, Vodafone VIP and Freebee Rewardz
  • Check network coverage and availability
  • Access content control and other settings
  • Pay monthly customers can view and print bills and check usage
  • Pay as you go customers can check their credit and top up online
  • Upgrade online to the latest phones and plans
  • Much more!

Vodafone FAQs

Why have I been charged for a text message?

Sometimes you’ll get charged for a text message even if you’ve got enough of your allowance left. It can happen because it was converted to a picture message (MMS) which may not be free. Some operating systems and phones will automatically convert a text into a picture message – this is something that can happen on any network and is beyond our control. So you’ll get charged our Standard UK picture message rate for it. On some devices you’ll notice the character count changing from numbers to a file size when: you’ve included a non-standard smiley or symbol such as an emoticon or emoji you’re sending a group text you’ve exceeded the character limit (with some devices this can be 160 characters and others it can be higher) you’ve added text to the subject field

Will my 4G phone work on other 4G networks when I go abroad?

A number of international networks are currently testing 4G. In countries where 4G is available, there is no additional cost to your standard roaming charges to use 4G – all you need is a 4G device on a 4G plan. For more information about using 4G abroad, check our going or calling abroad FAQs. You can also use your UK data allowance when roaming. To find out more, see our pages for EuroTraveller or WorldTraveller. For countries where 4G isn’t available, it’s better to switch your 4G device to work on 2G or 3G. This will avoid any problems if you’re roaming on a network that doesn’t yet offer 4G. If you need help changing the settings on your phone, you can go to our help pages. Don’t forget to switch it back to 4G when you come home.

What will affect my 4G signal?

All products using radio technology, including television and car radios can be affected by local physical conditions which may interfere with radio signals. As with other mobile phone services, coverage can change in tunnels, dips, cuttings, mountains and wooded areas.

My code doesn’t seem to work?

It’s possible you might have entered an expired code - please double check the expiry date. The latest codes are towards the top of the Vodafone page. If your code appears to be within the validity period then please contact us so we can contact the retailer and see what the problem is.

I’m unable to locate my voucher codes?

When you click on a code, it opens in a new tab or window - usually your browser will automatically switch to the new window for you. However, if it doesn’t please look in the tab next to your current one. Some deals and special offers use bespoke links and have the discount built in and automatically applied when you go through to the retailer’s site.

For more FAQs for this retailer visit: http://support.vodafone.co.uk/

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