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Bluecrest Discount Codes for June 2024

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Save 15% with our working Bluecrest Promo Codes for June 2024

Last updated 12 hours ago

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10% off orders at Bluecrest

  • Expires 10/07/24

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15% off orders at Bluecrest

  • Expires 10/07/24

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Male Cancer Tests from £259 at Bluecrest

  • Ends 09/07/24
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Female Cancer Tests from £279 at Bluecrest

  • Ends 11/07/24
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Vitamin & Mineral Tests from just £159 at Bluecrest

  • Only 4 days left
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Individual Cancer Tests from £49 at Bluecrest

  • Only 4 days left
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General Health Tests from just £30 at Bluecrest

  • Ends 23/07/24
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Testosterone Tests from just £69 at Bluecrest

  • Only 4 days left
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Health Checks available from £149 at Bluecrest

  • Ends 24/07/24

Bluecrest Shopping & Savings Guide

by Rebecca Bebbington

With over 6 years experience writing money saving content for NetVoucherCodes, I've developed a real desire to help our users save money. I love hunting down the best deals & discount codes, as well as writing about the most effective ways to save money online.

Where to enter your Bluecrest Discount Code

Where to enter your Bluecrest Discount Code

  1. Click on the Bluecrest voucher code of your choice from our deals page and press ‘Copy’.
  2. The Bluecrest homepage will open up in a new tab ready for you to start shopping online.
  3. Browse online for packages and tests to suit your health concerns and click ‘Book Now’.
  4. You will then be taken to a new page where you can choose your venue, date & time.
  5. On the Order Summary page, click ‘Got a discount code’ in the bottom right corner.
  6. Paste your discount code and click ‘Apply’.
  7. Your discount will be applied and your order total will be reduced.
  8. Click ‘Continue’ to proceed with payment.
  9. Congrats - You have booked your next appointment for less!

Bluecrest FAQs

Why should I consider a Health Assessment at Bluecrest?

Health assessments give us all the insight we need to look after our health and wellbeing and ensure we manage our risks to potential illnesses. These assessments will allow you to make an informed decision when it comes to prioritising your health.

How long do these Assessments take?

Typically, a Bluecrest health assessment will take around 2 hours to complete a full package, however if your appointment is for an individual test you may be finished a lot sooner. The staff at Bluecrest will do everything in their power to ensure your experience is a comfortable one.

When will I get my Results?

Most of the assessments available provide immediate results on the same day as your appointment. The health professionals at Bluecrest will guide you through your results whilst explaining any areas of concern and offering you specialist insight on how to improve your wellbeing and manage potential risks.

Does Bluecrest offer Group Bookings?

If you’re a business and you’re looking to look after your staff's health and wellbeing, the business group bookings are the perfect solution for you. What’s more, Bluecrest also offers bookings for family and friends. For more information contact them online.

How much does a Bluecrest health screening cost?

Bluecrest health screenings come in several packages, each at different price points. The Active Check, priced at £149, provides 22 blood readings and six non-blood tests. The Core Test, for £179, offers 32 blood readings and the same number of non-blood tests. For a comprehensive assessment, the Complete Health Test at £279 includes 33 blood readings, six non-blood tests, and a consultation with a GP.

I’ve discovered a Bluecrest voucher code you don’t list, can I share it?

Yes, you certainly can. Simply click on the submit code button, then follow the instructions. Thanks for sharing with our community!

Why is my Bluecrest discount code not working?

There can be many reasons why a discount code for Bluecrest doesn’t work. The most common reasons are:-

  1. It may not be valid for the specific products you have in your shopping basket.
  2. The code may only be valid for new customers.
  3. The items may already be discounted or on sale.
  4. The code may have been expired early due to limited availability.

It’s best to thoroughly read the individual terms and conditions for each code to avoid disappointment.

If your code still doesn’t work and you’ve checked all the above points, then please contact us via our Contact page and we will try our best to help you.

About Bluecrest

Since 2012, Bluecrest has been offering an affordable and convenient health check service across the UK, allowing you to take control of your health! Users can enjoy tailored follow-up advice and 24/7 access to their GP Helpline. Choose from a selection of affordable packages starting from as low as just £149. Their nationwide locations mean you can find a health check within 20 minutes of your home or work. From full MOTs to specialised cancer checks for men & women, to vitamin deficiencies and much more - monitoring your health is made simple with Bluecrest. Simply select your package, choose a location date and time, and begin your journey to better health.

Why we love shopping at Bluecrest

There’s nothing more important than our health, which is the main reason we love everything Bluecrest stands for. They provide a variety of packages to suit your needs, as well as specialised services for those looking for more in-depth checks. To browse what health services they offer, simply head to their Health Assessment category where you’ll find everything they cover.

And unlike your typical GP appointment, you’ll receive a personalised report with your results - flagging green, amber or red so you can identify any areas of concern. Their health MOT is a fantastic service, which can help provide an overview of your general, health, while their male & female cancer risk checks can offer more specific insights.

Bluecrest Wellness also works alongside leading laboratories in the UK. Most of their partners are UKAS accredited and are regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

We love that when you sign up, you’ll receive 10% off your first purchase! You’ll also find all the latest Bluecrest discount codes here on our deals page. We love that as well as prompt and efficient service, they also offer a 24/7 helpline service - perfect for easing any concerns or reporting any problems. The My Wellness App is fantastic for monitoring your progress, arranging appointments and making it easy for you to access results anywhere, anytime.

If you want to take charge of your health, we couldn’t recommend Bluecrest enough. Their testimonials speak volumes about their incredible service, and with the added advantage of our savings, you can receive personalised health reports without overspending.

Our top Bluecrest money saving tips

Save with Individual Tests

For those not ready to commit to their full health packages, Bluecrest Wellness offers individual tests which can be super handy and are much more affordable. These tests are often priced below £100 and cater to specific health concerns such as cancer risks, vitamin levels and blood oxygen saturation. Choosing an individual test allows for focused health monitoring without the higher costs of full packages!

Business Rates

Businesses can access special rates for health screenings, significantly lower than individual prices. Starting from just £99, these screenings are available at over 10,000 locations across the UK, making them accessible and convenient for employees everywhere!

Partner Discounts and Offers

Check if your health insurance or gym membership includes a partnership with Bluecrest, as you might get up to 50% off your health screening. If you're affiliated with certain health organisations or insurers like Vitality Health Insurance, you could qualify for substantial discounts.

Save with Bundle Packages

You can save money by bundling tests together. Bluecrest’s packages combine essential health screenings at a discount, like the "Complete Wellness Package", which covers extensive testing for £279, saving you nearly £100 compared to buying tests separately!

More ways to save at Bluecrest

Enjoy a 24/7 GP Helpline

Every Bluecrest Wellness package includes a year-long access to a 24/7 GP helpline, providing continuous support without additional costs. Premium packages further enhance this with direct phone support and private GP consultations, offering personalised healthcare advice at your convenience.

Coaching with Home Test Kits

Bluecrest’s home test kits come with a free webcam coaching session! This ensures you're guided through the testing process by a trained health coach. This added support helps you accurately collect samples and understand your health markers from the comfort of your home.

Customise your Tests

Bluecrest also lets you pick and choose the tests you want. This way, you only pay for what you need, like a simple blood health profile for £69 or a detailed heart assessment for just £20 - ensuring you’re not overspending on tests you don’t want.

Shopping Guides

Essential Health Assessments

When it comes to your health, there’s no place better than Bluecrest. With a pledge to prevent illnesses across the world, you’re sure to get the expert advice you’re looking for when you undergo a Bluecrest health assessment! We’ve highlighted some of the most popular health assessments which are carried out by health professionals day in day out nationwide.

Cardiovascular Health Assessments

Take control of your heart health when you book a comprehensive cardiovascular assessment online at Bluecrest. Find out your cholesterol levels and get valuable indicators of your cardiovascular well being with blood pressure and BMI results. Assess your risk factors and prevent illness when you book online.

Diabetes Risk Assessment 

The specialist diabetes risk assessment is the perfect way to stay one step ahead of diabetes. Assess your glucose levels and identify any risks of developing diabetes early. Long-term wellbeing is the centre of attention at Bluecrest, and with the right lifestyle adaptations, you can stay in control of your health.

Specialist Cancer Risk Packages

Understanding your risk of cancer and making steps to treat it early on goes a long way towards achieving good health and well being. You’ll find packages for both men and women which will assess your risk of cancers such as bowel, lung, prostate and many more. Book your test today and put your health first with Bluecrest.

Quick and Convenient Full Body Health Checks with Bluecrest

Wondering about your health but don't want the hassle of long hospital waits? Bluecrest's Full Health Check MOTs could be the answer. These comprehensive health assessments are designed to be quick and convenient, offering a detailed overview of your well-being without any invasive procedures! From checking lung, kidney and liver functions to assessing heart health and the risk of diabetes, these MOTs cover all your essential health metrics.

You can choose from three levels - Active, Core and Complete, each adding more tests and features. The Active package includes 22 blood readings and 6 non-blood tests, while the Core package expands on this with a total of 32 blood readings. The Complete package offers the most extensive checks, including 33 blood readings, a private GP consultation and a focus on cardiovascular health with a Lipoprotein (a) test.

With appointments available nationwide and a process that takes just around 25 minutes, it's easy to fit a health MOT into your schedule. Plus, all results come with a clear, detailed report, accessible online or as a hard copy, making it easy to understand your health status!

You can even tailor your tests to suit your needs, ensuring you only pay for what you really want to check. Don't forget to save on your health screening with our latest Bluecrest discount codes at NetVoucherCodes.