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15 Tips To Help Keep Your Heating Bills Low

Ellie MacsymonsEllie Macsymons · Dec 11, 2019

Winter is looming and the days and nights are feeling much cooler in recent weeks. This means that most of us will be ramping up our heating at home to keep us cosy.

However, findings from the Office for National Statistics suggest that fuelling our houses is one of the largest expenses for families in the UK.

To help combat those costs without compromising on warmth, we here at NetVoucherCodes have compiled a list of helpful tips to keep your heating bills low.

1. Move Your Furniture Around

Ensure your furniture is not covering your radiators as this can block heat from filling your home. A Sofa or bulky Chair will certainly will trap that heat meaning you’re paying for the warmth but not feeling the benefit of it.

2. Put Tin foil Behind Your Radiators

This handy trick is so simple and effective. Cut sheets of tin foil and fit them behind your radiators. This works by reflecting the hot air from the radiator back into the room instead of drifting through cold walls giving you the extra warmth you need this winter.

3. Buy a Rug

As simple as it sounds, covering your wooden or laminate floors with an insulating rug can make walking around the house feel a lot warmer.

4. Wear a Jumper!

Chucking an extra layer of clothing on when you get home from work is probably the most simple way to keep warm inside. The more clothes you wear – the less money spent on heating.

5. Shut The Curtains

Don’t let all that warm cosy air slip through the cracks in the windows! Block it from escaping by closing your curtains (or shut your blinds).

6. Turn The Thermostat Down

Each degree you lower your thermostat can save you several pounds per week! Experts recommend 18C as an ambient level, rather than a costly 20C or 25C.

7. Leave The Oven Door Open After Cooking

If you’ve just cooked your tea and your oven is filled with 200C oc toasty air, make use of it and keep the oven door open. The warm air is the perfect solution to stave off the cold in the evening time.

8. Draft-Proof Zone

Make your home a draft-free zone! Plug all those little holes around the house – this can make a big difference to your heating bills. Simple gaffer tape can be used to seal cracks in floors and walls, whilst the bottom of doors could be blocked with old clothes, towels or draft-excluder.

9.Use Firewood

Wood is essentially Free Fuel so if your fire burns for longer, the hearting will need to on less making your bills smaller!

10. Get a Hot Water Bottle

Snuggling up to a Hot Water Bottle at night can significantly reduced those overnight heating bills so it’s time to pull out your trusty old bottle.

11. Keep Doors Open

If you have a room prone to getting the most sunlight, leave the door open to that natural warmth can circulate freely around your home!

12. But Also Keep Doors Closed!

Yes, you read right. You also need to ensure you’re closing the door to your bedroom or living room to trap all that cosy air once the sun has set.

13. Set Your Heater on a Timer

You’re cold, we know! But you also have to be savvy. Put your heater on a timer so you’re not over spending without even realising.

14. Use a Humidifier

Using a humidifier can help reduce your heating costs because moist air retains heat better than dry air. There are other benefits to using a humidifier too!

15. Take Regular Meter Readings

Energy suppliers base their bills on something, so giving them your accurate meter readings when asked will give them no choice but to estimate how much you’ve used.

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