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22 Ways to Save Money in 2022

Rebecca BebbingtonRebecca Bebbington · Dec 14, 2021

22 ways to save in 2022

After a disappointing Christmas last year, we’re all making up for it this December with festivities well underway, no expenses spared. The Christmas parties have resumed, the shops are brimming with Xmas bargain hunters and of course, many of us will be making up for the time lost in 2020 by spending the season with those we love.

And while we may be clinking & partying our way into 2022, for many, it won’t just be our belts feeling the pinch.

January is a time for reflecting on the past year, but it can also mean repaying our Christmas expenses and trying to recover from them as quickly as possible.

So, in true NetVoucherCodes style, we’ve come up with 22 ways you can keep costs low in 2022. We’re all about shopping savvy and saving money here at NVC, so sit back and learn ways you can reduce bills, spend a little less on bits around the house and reduce the cost of food in the New Year.

1) Make your essentials last

Woman washing hair

Toiletries and personal items can be expensive, especially if you’re replenishing them weekly. If you live in a busy home where shampoo, toothpaste and shower gel are in regular demand, this little tip could help your goods go further.

Instead of chucking your toiletries in the bin once they’re feeling empty, cut them open for the last dregs! You’ll often be surprised at how much there really is left to use and could save you a day, two days or even a week in heading to the shops for more.

2) Save your sandwich bags!

If you pop your butty for work or the kids sandwiches and snacks into plastic bags, do your bit for the planet and your pocket by washing them out and re-using them. Plastic food bags are used daily in most households, but they normally end up in the bin! Keep them, rinse them out and use them the next day. This is a great and hygienic way to avoid having to stock up on these every week.

3) Make the most of your Freezer

Use freezer to store food

Freezers are no doubt a lifesaver when it comes to giving our food longevity. If you’re wanting to keep costs low and reduce waste in 2022, try opting for freezer goods opposed to fresh.

Another great tip is to freeze any uneaten bread or bagels going out of date. Simply pop them on top of your toaster to defrost then stick it on for a short while to avoid stale and sogginess!

4) Save space with Freezer Bags

Store food in freezer bags

If the freezer is full and you’re struggling for space, decanter some of your foods into freezer bags to save on space. The more space you have, the more you can fit in, which means you can stock up and spend less on food throughout the year.

5) Stock up!

And while we’re talking about freezers, stock up! Freezers are easier on electricity and often cheaper to run when they are full, so fill your boots on freezer goods to save in the long run.

6) Reduce water usage

Only pour right amount of water

When filling the kettle, only pour in enough water needed for your cuppa to save on the amount of water used and your electricity bill. Doing it once or twice won’t add up to much, but it will across the whole year if you get into a habit of it. You could even boil it once then fill up flasks to use throughout the day.

7) Toilet Hack

Another great tip for saving water if you’re using an old toilet is to place a brick inside the cistern so less water is needed to fill to flush.

8) New Year Clear Out

The new year is the best time to have a clear-out and there can be money made in the months after Christmas. Sell your old or unwanted gifts on sites like eBay or Facebook Marketplace for some extra cash to help boost funds. Depop, Gumtree, Vinted or Shpock are all fantastic resources for selling online safe and securely.

Clear out clothes

9) Shop in discount stores

Avoid buying all your essentials in the big supermarkets and head to the discount stores. Home Bargains, B&M Bargains, Poundland and Savers are fantastic places to shop if you’re looking for some great bargains. You’ll often find all your toiletries, cleaning products and store cupboard essentials are much cheaper here.

10) Cancel unnecessary direct debits

Cancel subscriptions

Direct debits can get a bit lost on bank statements amongst our day-to-day purchases. Sit down and crack on with cancelling any unnecessary direct debits. Get into the habit of logging into your online bank account once a month and making sure you’re not shelling out for services you don’t use. Gym memberships, streaming services subscriptions are just a couple of examples.

11) Buy second-hand

Instead of buying straight from a shop or brand when seeing an item of clothing, do some sleuthing. Online re-selling sites often have popular, legitimate clothes and accessories listed. Search the exact brand and product name with your fingers crossed. If nothing comes up, many let users set up alerts telling you the next time an identical object goes live. Depop, Vinted, Facebook Marketplace, Preloved or ASOS Marketplaces are great places to look.

12) Makeup Hack

Reuse Makeup

Ladies, we all know how frustrating it is when our makeup powder or compact smashes. Instead of chucking it away and replacing it, this simple tip could fix it all together! Set the smashed powder back into its container by crushing and mixing it with rubbing alcohol to stick it back together and it will be as good as new.

13) Avoid Gym Memberships

Workout at home

Overindulged over Christmas? We know it can be tempting, but avoid signing up for the gym impulsively. Memberships aren’t cheap and most January gym joiners don’t stick it out. If you’re wanting to add some extra exercise into your routine, do some home workout videos in your spare time. There are thousands of free workouts available on the internet and mean you won’t be stuck in any contracts. The only thing they require is self-motivation!

14) Plan your meals

Preplan your meals

One of the best ways to help reduce your food bill is to plan ahead. Buy only what you plan to eat throughout the week to avoid shelling out loads on food and tempting takeaways.

15) Head to the Library

Use the library books instead of buying

If you’re an avid bookworm or love to indulge in a newspaper or magazine, head to your local library instead of buying. Book stores are great, but can also be expensive for a book you’re likely to only read once and store on a shelf. Libraries are free and great if you’re looking for some inspiration for your next read.

16) Dye your clothes

You’ll often find your favourite pair of black jeans or T-shirts tend to fade over time the more they’re washed. This is normal, but instead of buying brand new, why not dye them back to their original state? There are loads of colour options available in supermarkets and it’s easy to do from home yourself – no mess included! Save yourself some cash and renew your old clothes.

17) No money, no problem!

Wise up to little purchases when out and about by leaving your purse or wallet at home or the office when nipping out and about. In the warmer months, it is tempting to spend money on ice creams, in the cold hot drinks are always tempting and whatever the weather, it’s hard to resist a trip to the pub on the way home.

18) Get Creative

There are plenty of guides online that talk through the steps of making eco-friendly and penny-saving products. From homemade cleaning detergents and soaps to candles and face scrubs, they can all be made from a few cheap extra ingredients. Check out YouTube for free video tutorials and save yourself some cash and have some fun in the meantime.

19) Buy in Bulk

Kitchen roll, toilet roll, crisps and fizzy drinks are just a few examples of items you may go through a lot of. Highlight the costly shopping areas in your life and buy them in bulk. Bulk buying is often cheaper and can save you hundreds over the course of a year.

20) Sign up for Newsletters or Loyalty Schemes

Use loyalty schemes

If you have a favourite store, whether it be online or on the high street, many offer great deals and discount codes to their members! Sign up for their newsletter to receive their latest money-saving offers or become a member for exclusive shopping benefits and to earn points while you shop.

21) Dry January

Ditch the drinks

Ditching the booze after the indulgent Christmas period has become popular in recent years with it now being labelled ‘Dry January’. January is typically a time where we recoup, re-fresh ourselves and ditching the beers and wine can be a great thing. Not only will it likely leave you feeling healthier, but you’ll also be saving quite a bit of cash too.

22) Waste not want not

If you’re guilty of chucking away half a glass or bottle of water when you’re done with it, feed it to your plants instead! They won’t mind if it tastes a bit odd.

Generally, there are thousands of ways you can save money in the new year. Take a look at your own lifestyle and spending habits and see where you can make small changes to help you spend less. For more money saving hints and tips make sure you subscribe to our Facebook page and follow NetVoucherCodes on Twitter.

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