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7 Ways to Save Fuel

Rebecca BebbingtonRebecca Bebbington · Dec 20, 2021

Do you find yourself at the petrol station a lot more lately? Well you’re definitely not alone.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably figured out that the switch to E10 fuel has you filling up your car more than you’re used to.

Petrol was expensive as it is and the new E10 fuel has put more pressure on our wallets over the last few months.

Here at NetVoucherCodes we’ve calculated just how much the difference in the cost per mile on E10 fuel compared to E5.

Filling up at the Petrol Station more often

We also understand the financial pressure that comes with your car drinking fuel every couple of weeks which is why we’ve put together ways to save fuel and make your money go further.

E10 petrol was introduced in an attempt to reduce the CO2 transmissions from vehicles as it contains 10% ethanol and 90% of regular unleaded petrol.

A study from WhatCar? revealed that E10 petrol was expected to reduce a car’s economy by 10%.

Our research team calculated the cost per mile with E10 petrol compared to the old E5 so we can see just how much of a hit our wallets have been taking these past few months.

Up until September, E5 petrol meant that drivers were paying around 16p per mile. When E10 petrol came into play, the cost per mile increased to around 20p.

A spokesperson for NetVoucherCodes said: “We know E10 petrol was brought in as it’s more environmentally friendly, but a lot of drivers are noticing that it’s not lasting them as long as before which can be frustrating, petrol isn’t cheap.

“Our data shows that the cost per mile increased in September to 19p and since then it’s increased a further one pence every month. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do about this but that’s why we’ve come up with some ways people can save fuel and make it last longer.

“There are small things we do as we drive that contributes to us using more fuel without even realising like over-using our heating, revving our cars and braking sharply.

“Making a few of these small changes and being aware of our driving habits can help us make our fuel last longer.”

7 ways to save fuel:

1) Reduce unnecessary weight

Man closing trunk

It can be very easy to leave things in the back of the boot of the car, like golf clubs and sports equipment but this may mean you’ve been using more fuel.

The heavier your car is the more fuel is required to lug it around. Try to take out whatever you can to reduce the weight of your car which should reduce the amount of fuel used.

2) Drive smoothly

Your driving habits can affect the way your fuel is used. If you’re racing around in your car, chances are you are using a lot more fuel.

Try to drive smoothly and consistently – avoid sharp braking, drive at a consistent speed and avoid unnecessary overtaking.

3) Keep an eye on your tyre pressure

If your tyre pressure is low, your car will need to use more energy to use it and more energy means using more fuel. Try to check your tyre pressure every couple of weeks to avoid this happening.

4) Change gear earlier and avoid revving your engine

Of course, revving your engine means more fuel will be used so try to change gear earlier and avoid sending the dial higher on the speedometer.

A lot of newer cars will indicate on the dashboard when you should move into higher or lower to help with this.

5) Avoid using too much AC and heat

Don't use the AC in the car

Using too much AC and heat also uses energy which again, increases fuel consumption.

Of course, sometimes you can’t help it and you will need to use your AC and heating but try to take into consideration when you put these on and try to dress appropriately for the weather instead.

6) Combine journeys

Your engine performs more efficiently once it’s warmed up. If you take frequent, short journeys, you’re not giving it enough time to heat up and essentially you’ll be using more fuel.

Try to plan journeys in one round trip – this way your engine will be warm, allowing it to work more efficiently and you’ll be using up less fuel.

7) Look for other ways to travel

Couple walking

The most obvious solution to save fuel is to try to use your car less.

So next time you pop to your local chippy why not walk there? Or maybe take it in turns to car share with a work colleague?

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