As a nation of dog lovers, most Brits dream of welcoming a canine companion into their homes at some point in their lives.

But before deciding on a specific breed, prospective owners should look into its general behaviour and temperament, and of course how much they’re going to cost to care for each year, as some breeds cost significantly more to keep than others.

To help people decide on the right breed for their families, we’ve looked at the initial cost of buying over 40 of the most popular puppies in normal times and also how Covid-19 has impacted puppy prices – but the financial impact of owning a dog doesn’t stop there.

To provide an accurate figure, we’ve also looked at the basic costs of food and treats based on the average weight of each breed, as well as vaccinations and boosters, grooming costs, toys, basic equipment like leads and collars, and even insurance prices.

Taking all this into account, some breeds are likely to cost as much as up to £19,000 over their lifetimes, over two-and-a-half times more than the cheapest breeds.

Pet insurance is basically a safety net to help protect you against unexpected veterinary bills, so is definitely worth having. It can cost upwards of £200 a year for some of the larger breeds but will save you having to potentially shell out thousands of pounds if your pet were to fall ill.

Another cost many owners might fail to consider is grooming. Some breeds require more intensive grooming schedules than others and all the appointments add up, so don’t forget to do factor this in when choosing a breed.

It’s also worth adding that if you’ve done the maths and are positive that you can afford to welcome a dog into the family, check your local rescue centres as there are hundreds of dogs waiting to find for their forever homes.

Adopting is usually a lot cheaper than buying a puppy from a breeder as well, so you’ll be rescuing an adorable pup whilst saving yourself cash that can be used for its care in the long run.

Our research shows that Standard Poodles steal the crown for being the most cash-demanding breed. After considering the cost of feeding, insuring and grooming Poodles over their average lifespan, as well as day-to-day accessory and equipment costs, this breed can set owners back over £18,700.

Unsurprisingly, Saint Bernard owners will also require deep pockets as these giant breeds cost around £1,800 every year – and they usually live to around nine – but even small, 7.5kg Lhasa Apsos are cash demanding.

With their intense grooming schedules, these fluffy pups tend to cost over £14,000 throughout their lifetimes – significantly more than big breeds like Japanese Akitas and Rottweilers.

And Miniature Schnauzer owners must also be prepared to set aside nearly £500 a year for grooming costs alone.

Some of the cheapest breeds to own in 2020 include Jack Russells, Patterdales, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Whippets. These breeds tend to live to 13-14 on average, and cost just £7000-£8000 over this time.

On average, new dog owners should expect to pay around £2,030 in the first year – including the new puppy cost – and around £850 per dog each year after.

The costs of each breed have been calculated by looking at the average costs of food and treats, vaccinations and boosters, grooming, toys, basic equipment, and even insurance. Take a look at the full cost breakdowns below.

How to save money

If you’re looking to add a fluffy friend to your family but feel apprehensive about costs, then make sure you shop around for affordable insurance, food, treats and other pet equipment. By shopping at retailers like John Lewis Pet Insurance, Pets at Home, Doggie Solutions and Christie’s Direct you can save on your dog’s care and maintenance every year. Retailers like Dogalogue even specialise in specific breeds and guide dogs while companies like Lily’s Kitchen provide quality dog food made with natural ingredients. From healthcare to grooming to treats, by using a voucher code or deal from one of these retailers you can cut the cost of owning a dog without compromising on its wellbeing.

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