Due to COVID-19 and various lockdowns, football supporters this past year have been banned from watching most sports at stadiums and events.

This absence of fans has had a negative effect on the finances of sports clubs across the country, but on the flip side, this means that fans have benefited from saving the money they’d usually spend watching their team.

So we had a look into what Premier League fans will have saved in 2020 due to professional football being played behind closed doors.

The answer is £1587.90!

We analysed every Premier League game played behind closed doors during 2020, then cross-referenced the cost of season tickets, single home and away match prices, as well as matchday costs such as parking, pints, pies and programmes.

Our results show that across home and away fixtures for each team, the average fan has saved £1587.90.

To put this into perspective, that is enough to buy 398 pints in the pub, and for those FIFA 21 fanatics out there, that’s 217,800 Fifa points to spend on their ultimate team!

Breaking down the data in more detail, Arsenal FC fans saved the most money, saving £1984.09, which is enough to pay Mesut Ozil’s salary for 2 hours and 7 minutes.

At the other end of the table, West Bromwich Albion fans saved the least, pocketing £1139.92 in savings.

Our research has also revealed that Liverpool FC fans could buy four replica premier trophies with their saving of £1738.98, and Man City FC fans could fly two people return to Dubai with Emirates economy class with their saving of £1,268.87.

And for Burnley FC fans, missing out on watching ‘The Clarets’ means they could have bought 109 “This is our happy place” signs from Etsy.

Here’s the full breakdown of the football fan savings data, with every team and all the costs associated with the matchday experience.