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Foods you can freeze: Cut down on food waste

Rebecca BebbingtonRebecca Bebbington · May 26, 2022

If you’re sick of chucking away food that has accidentally passed its used-by date, you’ll be surprised to know that there are plenty of foods that can be frozen safely.

With the cost of living on the rise, now more than ever we’re looking for ways to make simple savings around the home, and food wastage is a great place to start.

Foods you didn't know you could freeze

You could be saving tons on your weekly food shop by simply wrapping up your perishable goods and freezing them.

So, what foods are safe to freeze? We’re answering all the most asked questions when it comes to the freezer.

Which Dairy produce can you freeze?

Can you freeze cheese?

If you have a block of cheese or bag of grated cheese coming to the end of its life, you will be surprised to hear that it is perfectly safe to freeze! Instead of chucking it away, avoid wasting your perfectly edible cheese by popping it in the freezer. This will not only extend its shelf life but means you can avoid unnecessary waste and can pull it out when you need it again without having to rush out to the shops. Anything from cheddar to mozzarella and parmesan is safe to freeze although be aware that cottage cheese, for example, may change in taste and texture after freezing.

Can you freeze milk?

If the milk in your fridge is soon coming up to its used-by date, don’t panic! Milk can safely be stored in the freezer for up to 6 months – yes you read that right. To defrost, simply pop it in the fridge and it’s good to go. So if you’re someone who only reaches for the milk every so often, gone are the days where you will be pouring curdled milk down the drain on a daily basis, simply freeze it!

Can you freeze coconut milk?

If you drink coconut milk, you probably find that it spoils fairly quickly once opened. To avoid throwing it away, why not freeze it? Pour the milk into an ice cube tray and pop it in the freezer. The texture can change once frozen, but the taste will stay the same and can be great to use in smoothies or baked goods.

Can you freeze oat milk?

Oat milk can be expensive, so having to throw it away once it’s gone off can feel as though you’re just pouring your money down the drain. Luckily for you, Oat Milk is perfectly safe to freeze. Similar to coconut milk, we wouldn’t recommend using defrosted oat milk in tea, coffee or cereal, as the texture can become quite grainy. However, it’s perfectly fine to use for cooking or blending!

Can you freeze almond milk?

Yes, almond milk can be frozen and can last up to 6 months in the freezer! However, keep in mind that during the freezing process, almond milk separates and can taste bad. For this reason, we recommend that you don’t drink it after it’s frozen. Instead, use it for cooking or baking and you really won’t know any different.

How long can you freeze breast milk?

If you’re a breastfeeding mummy, you’ll know all too well the struggles of having to express or feed constantly throughout the day. To make things a little easier, you will be surprised to hear that freshly expressed breast milk is perfectly safe to freeze and can last anything from 6-12 months. To defrost, simply run the milk under a warm tap or place it into some lukewarm water and pop it in the fridge.

Which Meat produce can you freeze?

Can you freeze cooked chicken?

Yes. If you find yourself eating leftover chicken all week after cooking dinner on a Sunday, the good news is there’s another non-wasteful solution. Once cooled, simply put your chicken in an airtight container or wrap it up well with cling film and shove it in your freezer! However, we wouldn’t recommend freezing the bones so make sure you shred the meat from the carcass before you wrap it up.

How long can you freeze chicken?

If you do decide to start freezing your cooked chicken, you can expect it to last for up to 4 months. Individual pieces of raw chicken stay fresh in the freezer for 9 months while whole raw chickens can last up to a year!

Which Fruit and Veg produce can you freeze?

Can you freeze bananas?

Yes, for those of you who like having bananas to hand for baking and smoothie making, swap your fruit bowl for your freezer and keep your bananas fresh for longer. The best way to freeze bananas is to place them on a baking tray on a shelf in your freezer for around 2 hours. Once they are frozen solid, transfer them into a freezer bag where they will keep for up to 6 months!

Can you freeze potatoes?

Yes, you can freeze potatoes, but only if they have been cooked or partially cooked beforehand. Raw potatoes do not freeze well so we’d recommend keeping these in your cupboard for the foreseeable.

Can you freeze mushrooms?

Yes, if properly stored, your mushrooms can last 6 months in the freezer, which means no more unnecessary waste the next time they reach their expiration date. To make sure your mushrooms keep well, place your sliced or whole mushrooms onto a baking tray and freeze until solid. Then, put them into a freezer bag or airtight container- it’s as easy as that!

What can you freeze? FAQs

Can you freeze Cow and Gate baby food?

According to the C and G Baby Club, yes, you can store Cow and Gate baby food in the freezer once it has cooled. However, your freezer temperature should be 0oF (-18oC) or below. They also advise that the food is placed in either plastic tubs with tight lids or ice cube trays in freezer bags with the date clearly written on them. To defrost, C and G advise the food is thawed well if you plan to re-heat the food. Keep in mind that you cannot refreeze food that has been defrosted.

Why can you only freeze food for a month?

It is advised that you consume frozen food after 1 month, but in actual fact, many foods are safe to consume after 12 months. Bacteria can still survive in the food while it’s freezing, although becomes inactive once it is frozen meaning the food can keep indefinitely. However, the longer you freeze food, the more the taste and texture can deteriorate which is why it is advised to consume frozen goods after 1 month.

Can you freeze food on the use-by date?

It is not recommended that you freeze food after the used-by date. Despite looking and smelling fine, the food can be unsafe to eat. If you know something is coming up to its used-by date, plan ahead if you plan on freezing it.

Can you freeze cooked rice?

Both cooked and uncooked rice can be frozen, just place it into an airtight freezer bag or container and you’re good to go. If you like to meal prep or batch cook big pots of rice, start storing your rice in the freezer instead of the fridge and you’ll increase its life span by up to 3 weeks!

How long can you freeze food for?

Depending on the type of food you are freezing will determine how long it can be kept frozen. It is advised that any frozen food is consumed within 1 month of freezing. However, because the freezing process stops the growth of bacteria, many food types can be kept frozen for 3 to 12 months.

Can you freeze food that says keep refrigerated?

While it is recommended to keep certain food types refrigerated, that does not mean they are not safe to freeze. Some types of food including cheese and milk can change in texture and taste once frozen but are still safe to consume. Providing food is cooked thoroughly and cooled, it can safely be frozen.

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