Save Money With A Household Workout

I have long since given up on the expense of going to the gym (saving me at least £25 a month) and instead I attack the household chores with energy and enthusiasm. Well, at least I try to! 😉
Don’t get me wrong I don’t find doing chores fun but if I’m honest neither was the gym! The jobs have to be done whether I like it or not, so I may as well burn as many calories as I can whilst doing them.
One purchase I would recommend is ankle weights, they’ll help you tone up your legs faster and can be picked up for around £10. I have previously tried strapping bean tins to my ankles with tape (over socks!) but it was awkward and only works if you’re in the house. People who weigh more tend to burn more calories than a person who weighs less doing the same activity. So it’s also worth considering wearing a rucksack filled with heavy items on your back to do your chores (tins are great for this) and it comes in very handy to help carry the shopping when you’re out and about too. Great for back muscles but be careful not to strain yourself, plus you should always seek medical advice before starting an exercise regime.

So fire up some music with a good beat and get cracking at your own home gym workout!

Some Great Chores For Calorie Burning:

1. Sweep Your Carpets With A Stiff Brush Rather Than Vacuuming.

This one also saves on electricity too. I worked out my hoovering costs, approx 5p per 15 min session. Multiply that by 4 times a week and that’s 20p. Times that by 52 weeks and the cost is £10.40 per year. It’s not a massive amount but if you’ve got more than one carpeted room it does add up! Five rooms would be £52. I’d still vacuum now and then to get the dust up and I’d recommend using the hoover if you have asthma or dust allergies. Moving the sofa to clean under it burns even more calories and gets those muscles working!

2. Scrub Your Hard Floors And Wipe Your Skirting Boards.

This one is great for getting your heart rate pulsing. Just imagine that you’re the Karate Kid doing your own house-keeping equivalent of the ‘Wax-on Wax-off’ technique. Before you know it you’ll have worked up a sweat and made your home that little bit cleaner. Perfect!

3. Clean Your Windows Inside And Out.

Use cheap eco-friendly solutions like white vinegar, water and newspaper. Put some vigorous elbow grease into it to buff to a smear free shine. Use both arms equally and try to involve your legs too, by squatting and stretching high on tiptoes. I have a neighbour who does my outside top floor windows in exchange for home-baked goodies. It saves me the cost of a window cleaner at £5 every fortnight (£130 per year).


4. Walk To The Local Shops

…or better still walk to a shop further away and carry your shopping home as fast as you can. I suggested to a friend who was calorie counting but in dire need of a chocolate bar, that he should work out how many miles he has to run to burn it off and then run to a shop half the distance away (there and back equals the total). He loved it and now lives by this principle. If he can’t be bothered running there, he goes without. If he does run for it then he doesn’t feel guilty and apparently enjoys the chocolate even more. He calls it guilt free chocolate! (I have to admit I’ve never done this).

5. Park On The Outskirts Of Town Where It’s Free Or At Least Cheaper.

Heading into town for some retail therapy this weekend? Park your car a little further out and make yourself work for those guilty retail pleasures. You could even do this one with your big food shop – depending on how much you usually buy of course. You’ll get some good exercise by carrying your bags back the car.

6. Always Take The Stairs.

This may be an unpopular option – especially with the temptation of taking the lift – but it’s one that’ll do you heaps of good. Studies have shown that those who opt for the stairs increase their general fitness, lose body fat and lower their blood pressure. Definitely a step in the right direction.

7. Get Out And Get The Garden Sorted.

Weeding your borders on your hands and knees is great for the back of your legs, especially when using both hands to do the job. It’s also a great way to improve your balance. If that wasn’t enough to motivate you, then the goal of a tidy garden should inspire you to get out there and get to work!

Home Gym Workout Possible Savings:

Gym £25 per month = £300 per year
Window Cleaner: £5 every 2 weeks = £130 per year
Not Vacuuming=  £10.40
Not parking in town center: £4 twice a month = £96 per year

Total Possible Savings =  £536.40 per year.

What a good way to save money plus you may get a bit fitter in the process too! 😉