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How to create a Garden Bar on a budget

Ellie MacsymonsEllie Macsymons · Jun 29, 2020

Since lockdown, more and more people have spent money on entertaining in their garden, and what better way to entertain your family and friends than with your own garden bar? During the past few months garden bars have emerged as a popular home trend with people all around the country building their own outdoor drinking space, fully fitted with all the necessities of your average local pub. You’ve probably come across numerous pictures on social media of friends and acquaintances’ brand new homemade bars, some of which look better than the real deal. If you’re thinking about creating an outdoor drinking space in your home, but aren’t sure where to start, take a look at our guide on how to create garden bars on a budget.

We’ve separated our guide into four levels of a budget, allowing you to check out the products and retailers that fit your specific price range. We’ve also included retailers like Wayfair, Aldi and Leader Lights where you can find all the essentials needed to create your ideal garden bar.

Create a garden bar for under £300 – ‘The Beer Garden’

Keep your garden bar affordable by spending a maximum of £300. Avoid overspending on your garden bar by limiting the amount of furniture you purchase. Instead of creating a fully furnished pub in your backyard, opt for a comfortable and affordable beer garden vibe instead. Invest in a sturdy bar table or bench from Wayfair and accessorise with bar stools and a patio heater to create your own little beer garden on your back doorstep. Hang fairy lights on your fence from Lights4fun and place your bar table next to them to keep your drinking area well lit all night long. You can even buy some cheap beer mats and drinks accessories from Amazon to make your beer garden even more authentic.

Wayfair Terkel bar set – £119.99

You can also find all the latest Wayfair discount codes on our website to help you save money on your garden bar furniture and accessories.

Aldi patio heater £99.99

Lights4fun multi-coloured fairy lights – £29.99

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Amazon pack of 6 beer mats £9.99

Total = £259.96

Create a Garden Bar for under £600 – ‘The Rooftop Bar’

Push the boat out a bit further and design a garden bar for under £600. On this sort of budget you can equip your garden with high quality gazebos and seating areas that emulate the experience of trendy rooftop bars that can be found in cities like Manchester and London. Aldi have recently launched a new affordable ‘Gardenline Bar Gazebo’ that’ll look perfect in your rooftop inspired bar. This type of garden bar is ideal for large groups of people in summer, providing enough shade and open space for guests to enjoy drinks and activities in your back garden. Pair your gazebo bar with stylish chairs, opulent lighting and ice buckets, cocktail shakers and glassware from DrinkStuff and you have a complete ‘rooftop’ garden bar. You can even invest in wall mounted patio heaters and drinks trolleys to give your garden bar more of a luxurious edge.

Aldi Gazebo Bar – £179.99

Aldi Hanging Egg Chair – £149.99

DrinkStuff Cocktail Equipment from – £1.99

Primrose Wall Mounted Patio Heater – £49.99

Wayfair Bar Serving Cart – £152.99 + free delivery

Lights4fun 200 20m LED fairy lights – £48.00 + free delivery

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Total = £582.95

Create a garden bar for under £1000 – ‘The full experience’

Construct a bar in your back garden, that you can enjoy all year round, for under £1000. If you’re looking to create a permanent bar space in your garden then invest in a shed style bar that can be built and customised to match your existing garden furniture. Shed style bars become part of your home’s exterior, so if you’re looking to create the full ‘bar experience’ – and have the space and the money to make your dream a reality – then this is the option for you. supply a range of large summer sheds and shed bars that are perfect for creating this kind of drinking area in your garden. Stock your shed bar from with a mini fridge, glassware and bottles of your favourite spirits, add your own bar signs, bar stools and mats and finish off with lighting. If your budget allows it, you can also add benches and bar tables to your garden where guests can sit and enjoy their drinks after they’ve visited your shed bar. Shop online at retailers like John Lewis, Dwell and B&Q for affordable accessories for your shed bar and save money when you add a discount code from us to your basket. 6×6 Garden Bar Shed – £529

Wayfair adjustable Swivel Bar Stools (set of 2) – £109.99

Curry’s Coca Cola Mini Fridge – £129.99

Not on the High Street ‘Nobody gets out sober’ painted sign – £10.50

DrinkStuff Rubber Bar Mats – £5.99

B&Q Outdoor Lighting from – £3.00

Total = £788.47

Money no object – ‘The Pub’

This year has seen a rise of people building their own garden pubs, mimicking the design of their favourite ale houses that they’ve not been able to visit during lockdown. If your plans to create a garden bar aren’t restricted by a budget then why not design your very own pub, kitted with drinks dispensers, bar taps and chrome fonts. This equipment may sound expensive and hard to come by, but you can find it all at retailers like Amazon and eBay for a reasonable price. For inspiration, we’ve featured pictures of some of the best garden pubs from around the country. These people have taken their garden pubs to the next level, giving them their own names, beer barrels, traditional English pub interiors and huge outdoor projector screens to watch the match on.

Take a look…

Whether you’re looking to create a small beer garden, a rooftop inspired bar or the full outdoor bar experience, you can do it on a budget that suits you. You can even build your very own pub featuring all the necessary accessories and equipment that guests will recognise from their local. To find discount codes and deals on all the retailers mentioned above make sure you take a look at the home and garden section at NetVoucherCodes. Here, not only will you find offers that can help you save money on garden bar furniture from the likes of Wayfair and B&Q, you can also discover a wide variety of other online stores that stock everything you need to create the perfect garden bar.

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