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How much do celebs earn per hour on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here?

Ellie Macsymons·Nov 9, 2022

With I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here returning to screens this November, we wanted to break down the figures of how much some of the nation’s favourite celebrities are being paid to take part in the reality show competition.

With I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here returning to screens this November, we wanted to break down the figures of how much some of the nation’s favourite celebrities are being paid to take part in the reality show competition.

We have looked at how much each contestant was paid to take part in the show and some may be stunned to learn just how much they earned – with one celebrity in the current season raking in over £5200 per hour despite only staying in the jungle for 24 hours.

We’ve used our researching skills to reveal the staggering amount celebrities have made on an hourly rate by participating in the jungle competition.

Our data shows a clear winner across the entire series with Love Island star Olivia Attwood, the first contestant to leave the jungle in the 2022 season. While she hasn’t been paid the highest amount out of every celebrity participant, she is now officially the highest earner of the series when the hourly rate is broken down – amounting to a whopping £5208.33.

Celebrities like Katie Price only stayed a number of days which is why their hourly rate is so high, whereas other contestants such as Harry Redknapp made it all the way to the final and still managed to rake in £946 an hour which is still quite staggering.

Some of the biggest paid celebs of all time only made it to 11th and 12th place on the show, with many failing the bushtucker trials, resulting in less food for their co-stars and demonstrating a lack of contribution to the camp.

Our research found that big payments don’t always equal to how much contribution was made in the camp, with Richard Maddeley being on a £1666.67 hourly rate and only securing four stars during his nine day stint – which equals to him being paid £416.66 for each star he earned.

John Stirzaker, from content team said: “While we’re aware that celebrities walk away with a big paycheque from taking part in the show, we’ve found the number to be quite staggering once broken down into an hourly rate.

“It’s one of the most popular shows for people to watch, with the first episode of the 22nd season drawing in over 10 million viewers. No wonder celebrities are being paid big bucks to take part in the experience.

“Famous football legends and Eastenders icons have earned over £250,000 by being part of the show, even if they’re the first to be eliminated out of the line-up.”

“Even the first celebrity of the new series to leave the jungle has managed to earn the most amount of money per hour by leaving the show after 24 hours.”

Here are the 10 highest paid celebrities per hour on I’m a Celeb by NetVoucherCodes

1) Olivia Attwood – £5208.33 per hour

Love Island star Olivia Attwood is the first contestant to leave the show on the 22nd season, after leaving the camp due to a medical emergency. However, she is still being paid £125,000 for her short stint in the jungle – equating to the highest hourly rate across the entire series.

Noel Edmonds

2) Noel Edmonds – £2777.78 per hour

The Deal or No Deal presenter is currently the reigning champion of being paid the highest earner for taking part in the show. However, his time on the 2018 series was short-lived as he was the first to be voted off by the public.

3) Katie Price (second appearance) – £2678.57 per hour

The British icon made her second appearance on the show in 2009 after participating the first time in 2004. While she only earned 4 stars on her first trial, she later redeemed herself by earning a worthy 9 out of 10 stars during her eighth trial. Price quit the show after the public repeatedly nominated her for bushtucker trials.

Richard Madeley

4) Richard Madeley – £1,666.67 per hour

Madeley took part in the most recent series in 2021 but was the first one to leave the show. The bushtucker trial he participated in earned 4 out of 10 stars for the camp, but he had to leave the show shortly after due to health reasons.

Caitlyn Jenner

5) Caitlyn Jenner – £1,041.67 per hour

Caitlyn Jenner was the highest paid contestant on the 2019 series and second highest earner of all time at £500,000. However, during her time on the show, Jenner never had a defeatist attitude and earned a reasonable number of stars throughout the challenges.

6) Harry Redknapp – £946.97 per hour

The King of the Jungle in 2018 made one of the biggest contributions in the jump camp by earning 100% on all of the trials which he participated in. He was paid half a million for his time in the jungle, and made the most of his experience by participating in the trials and eventually winning the crown.

7) Ian Wright – £925.93 per hour

In the 2019 series, Wright took part in multiple challenges earning a mixture of high to average amount of stars from the challenges. He earned under half a million for his appearance on the show by placing eighth.

Amir Khan

8) Amir Khan – £833.33 per hour

Professional Boxer Amir Khan made £400,000 for his stunt on the show. In the challenges he succeeded well by earning a decent number of stars for the camp. It’s been rumoured that Khan is going to be taking part in the 2023 all-stars spin off show.

9) Adam Woodyatt – £744.05 per hour 

Eastenders legend Adam Woodyatt had a hit and miss time with earning stars on the jungle challenges, but still managed to hit full marks in one of the trials. He managed to climb to 6th place before being eliminated by the public.

10) Mo Farah – £694.44 per hour 

Earning £300,000 for taking part in the show, famous Olympian Mo Farah took part in the 2020 series. He managed to reach 5th place, which disappointed many fans who wanted him to reach the final.

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Top 20 I’m a Celebrity Fees by hourly rate

CelebrityPaymentDays spent
in Jungle
Hours spent
in Jungle
Cost per StarPosition
Olivia Attwood£125,000.00124£5,208.338£15,625.00Left on Medical Grounds
Noel Edmonds£600,000.009216£2,777.7816£37,500.0011th
Katie Price (2nd appearance)£450,000.007168£2,678.5742£10,714.2912th
Richard Madeley£200,000.005120£1,666.674£50,000.0012th
Caitlyn Jenner£500,000.0020480£1,041.6752£9,615.386th
Harry Redknapp£500,000.0022528£946.9733£15,151.521st
Ian Wright£400,000.0018432£925.9356£7,142.868th
Amir Khan£400,000.0020480£833.339£44,444.445th
Adam Woodyatt£250,000.0014336£744.0526£9,615.386th
Mo Farah£300,000.0018432£694.4419£15,789.475th
Vernon Kay£250,000.0020480£520.8334£7,352.943rd
Nadine Coyle£250,000.0020480£520.8334£7,352.945th
Nick Knowles£200,000.0019456£438.6017£11,764.716th
Beverley Callard£125,000.0016384£325.5227£4,629.639th
John Barrowman£160,000.0022528£303.0332£5,000.003rd
Russell Watson£100,000.0017408£245.1016£6,250.007th
Ruthie Henshall£75,000.0015360£208.3321£3,571.4310th
Rita Simons£80,000.0017408£196.0818£4,444.448th
Victoria Derbyshire£75,000.0016384£195.3126£2,884.628th
Andy Whyment£100,000.0022528£189.3955£1,818.182nd
Jessica Plummer£75,000.0017408£183.8235£2,142.866th
Hollie Arnold£50,000.0013312£160.2619£2,631.5811th
Adele Roberts£50,000.0013312£160.2643£1,162.7912th
Fleur East£80,000.0021504£158.7329£2,758.624th
Danny Miller£75,000.0020480£156.2523£3,260.871st
Simon Gregson£75,000.0020480£156.2538£1,973.682nd
Kadeena Cox£50,000.0014336£148.8120£2,500.0010th
Kate Garraway£75,000.0021504£148.8148£1,562.504th
Andrew Maxwell£51,856.0015360£144.0450£1,037.1211th
Jacqueline Jossa£75,000.0022528£142.0576£986.841st
Anne Hegerty£60,000.0018432£138.899£6,666.677th
James Haskell£50,000.0017408£122.5546£1,086.969th
Matty Lee£50,000.0018432£115.7422£2,272.735th
AJ Pritchard£50,000.0018432£115.7427£1,851.855th
Sair Khan£40,000.0016384£104.1725£1,600.009th
James McVey£40,000.0020480£83.3326£1,538.465th
Roman Kemp£40,000.0022528£75.7665£615.383rd
Myles Stephenson£25,000.0019456£54.8248£520.837th
Emily Atack£22,500.0022528£42.6126£865.382nd
Malique Thompson-Dwyer£15,000.0015360£41.6711£1,363.6410th

Full data and sources on how much each celebrity earned can be found below:

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