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Best Value Reality TV Celebrity Video Shoutouts

John Stirzaker·May 26, 2021

Influencers around the world have found a new way of reaching their followers. Using apps like Cameo and Memmo, celebrities and influencers are making thousands selling personalised shout-out videos to their fans. All fans have to do to receive a personalised video from their favourite star is pay a small fee – although the definition of ‘small fee’ varies from star to star, with some celebs charging upwards of £200 per video.

To reveal who’s offering the best and worst value video messages, we’ve analysed the video shout-out profiles of some of the world’s best loved reality TV stars.

By comparing the size of each celeb’s social media fanbase to the price they’re charging on shout-out apps, we’ve uncovered which reality stars are actually living in reality and which are overcharging for their five minutes of fame.

The method behind the money:

We’ve researched the costs of personalised videos from famous faces and reality TV stars and can now reveal which are the best and worst value for money.

To do this, we calculated the total number of followers each celeb has on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok, before organising them into groups based on their size. Our groups ranged from just 25 to 2million+ followers. Then, we calculated the average cost celebs were charging for video messages in each group.

By comparing the number of total social media followers with video costs we’ve uncovered which reality stars are really living in reality, and which are overcharging for their 5 minutes of fame.

Best value celeb shout outs in each category:

By comparing each celeb’s video shoutout costs to the average price of their category, we can reveal who’s offering the best value for money in their respective groups.

In the 2 million+ follower group the celebrity offering the best value for money is Towie star Amy Childs, who charges her 2 million+ followers just £30 for a video!

Next, is Anton Danyluk. This ex-Love Island contestant charges his 1.2 million followers just £25 for a personal shoutout.

In the 500k-1million category, Ronnie Shirley came out on top with Paddy Doherty following closely behind in the 250k-500k group. Ronnie charges his followers £20 while Paddy’s price is set at just £15.

X-Factor contestant Christopher Maloney also charges £15 while Thelma Madine from My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding charges just a tenner!

Circle UK stars Vithun and Bill Dawson also charge just £10 for their personalised videos.

Worst value celeb shout outs:

Our top 3 worst value celebrities overall include the Queen of Cats Carole Baskin, New Jersey’s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and Below Deck’s Captain Lee.

Carole has been charging her cool cats and kittens a whopping £350 for a personalised video – 215% more than the average price in her category.

Mike seems to be causing a real situation over on his video platforms with fees of £225 for one video putting him in second place for worst value.

And Captain Lee may find himself having to hide below deck once fans see the cost of his videos. With just over 1 million followers, the Captain charges £188 per video which puts him in third place as of one of the worst value reality stars overall.

2 million+ followers:

Some of the most popular celebs on our list boast over 2 million followers across their social media platforms. The highest of the lot is Charlotte Crosby who has almost 10 million Instagram followers. Other names in this group include:

  • Chloe Ferry
  • Carole Baskin
  • Sophie Kasaei
  • Chris Hughes
  • Doc Antle
  • Jack Fincham
  • Nathan Henry
  • Lucie Rose Dolan

Most of the stars on this list have risen to fame through popular UK reality shows like Geordie Shore and Love Island, with the exception of Carole Baskin and Doc Antle. These two became overnight sensations after the world collectively binge-watched Tiger King during the pandemic.

Other well known names on the most popular list include Jersey Shore’s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and X-Factor’s Shayne Ward. Other stars in this category include the face of Catfish, Nev Schulman, as well as Pawn Stars’ Chumlee and Amy Childs from The Only Way Is Essex.

Out of this group, the best value for money appearance comes from Amy Childs who charges just £30. X-Factor’s Shane Ward and Geordie Shore’s Nathan Henry are next, charging between £38-£39.

Nathan’s fellow Geordie, Charlotte Crosby- one of the most well known reality stars in the UK – only charges fans £60 per video, which isn’t bad considering she has over 13 million social media followers!

On the other hand, America’s beach based counterpart, Jersey Shore, is home to one of the worst value for money celebs. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino charges his fans an extortionate £225 per video – one of the highest prices on the entire list.

Queen of the Cats Carole Baskin charges £350 per virtual guest appearance, making her the most expensive celeb to receive a video message from and also the worst value for money. Her fellow reality star and eccentric park owner Doc Antle also scores low on the list for value, charging almost £190 for an online, personalised appearance. At least he knows his place in comparison to the Queen!

1 – 2 million followers:

Our next group of celebs have between 1 and 2 million followers. This list also includes ex-Love Island contestants such as:

  • Curtis Pritchard
  • Georgie Harrison
  • Gabby Allen
  • Laura Anderson
  • Anton Danyluk

Other names include Renee Graziano from America’s Celebrity Big Brother, Selling Sunset’s Mary Fitzgerald, Joss Mooney from Ex On The Beach and Captain Lee from Below Deck.

Out of this group Renee Graziano, Mary Fitzgerald and Captain Lee are the worst value for money, with Captain Lee charging a hefty £188 despite his fan base only totalling around 1million followers on social media.

The best value for money celebs in this group are Anton Danyluk from UK Love Island and Ex On The Beach star Joss Mooney. Both charge £25 – £163 less than the Captain!

Love Island’s Georgia Harrison and Gabby Allen both charge £50 while Laura Anderson charges £10 less, despite having more Instagram followers.

500k – 1 million followers:

Celebs who sit just under the 1 million mark in terms of social media followers tend to charge between £20 and £80. This group includes reality stars like:

  • Louie Spence
  • Wayne Lineker
  • Chad Michaels
  • Marcel Sommerville
  • Arabella Chi
  • Ben Fogel

Other names include Geordie Shore’s Beth Kershaw, Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison, Jules Robinson from Married At First Sight Australia and SAS: Who Dares Wins’ Mark Billingham.

Those sitting just below 1 million fans online still seem to charge similar amounts to those sitting well above that count.

However, fans of Lizard Lick Towing’s Ronnie Shirley could bag an absolute bargain, as he only charges £20 per vid!

The worst value for money celeb in this group is Made in Chelsea’s Sophie Hermann who seems to be charging her 595,531 followers London prices for online appearances, with each video costing £80.

250k – 500k followers:

This group boasts z-listers who charge an average of £40 per video. Most famous names include My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’s Paddy Doherty, Love Island’s Ched Uzor and Married at First Sight Australia’s Jessika Power.

Despite having less than 500,000 followers across all of her social platforms, Selling Sunset’s Amanza Smith charges the same amount as Charlotte Crosby (£60) for an appearance. And it seems that the stars who are used to selling sunsets also drive a hard bargain when it comes to selling their time, as co-star Romain Bonnet charges upwards of £70, making him the worst value celeb in this group.

Not to call Cheryl Hole a cheap Queen, but after appearing on Drag Race UK, her £35 video is more than reasonable, especially in comparison to the American queen Chad Michaels, who charges upwards of £75 per appearance after rising to fame on Ru Paul’s Drag Race USA.

100k – 250k followers:

Stars in this group include X-Factor’s Honey G, Gogglebox’s Sandra Martin and The Circle UK’s Tim Wilson. Out of all the celebs in this group, American Ninja Warrior’s Ozzy Lusth is the worst value, charging an extortionate £69 despite only having just over 100,000 followers in total.

The cheapest video comes from 2012’s X-Factor wild-card contestant Christopher Malone who charges just £15.

50k – 100k followers:

There are only six celebs in this category including Thelma Madine and Danielle Mason from My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Mark Byron from Big Brother, Victoria Winterford from Ex On The Beach, John Finlay from Tiger King and Sandi Bogle from Gogglebox.

Out of these recognisable names, John Finlay is the worst value for money, charging his 60,900 total followers £38. The two best value celebs are Thelma and Mark who provide fans with personalised video for just a tenner!

25k – 50k followers:

This section includes z-list celebrities from Big Brother, Storage Hunters, The Circle UK and Celebrity Ghost Hunter.

The worst value celebrity is Sean Kelly from Storage Hunters USA. This star charges £30 per video, just £10 less than Laura Anderson who has 1.3 million more followers than him!

The best value for money videos comes from Vithun from The Circle UK who only charges a tenner for an online appearance.

Under 25k followers:

The stars in the category only just scrape the barrel when it comes to being called a reality star, although you will recognise some names.

For the UK, the most recognisable name in this list has to be Chico from The X-Factor, although he is in joint-first position for the worst value celeb.

His companion is Jennice Ontiveros from Below Deck, the reality show about crew members on privately owned yachts. The celeb that offers the best value in this group is Bill Dawson from The Circle UK. He charges his 15,959 followers just £10.


Our research shows that the majority of the worst-value celebrities were American or stars on American TV shows (with the exception of Sophie Hermann from Made in Chelsea and Chico from The X-Factor.) These two seem to be charging much more for videos than fellow celebrities with a similar follower total.

The Full Data:

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