It’s no secret that having a baby can be a costly affair, however if we try our utmost hardest to not fall victim to the ‘obsessive mummy’ and panic buying habits, you could save a fortune and trim down those family expenses!

If you’re feeling as though every note and penny is sprouting wings and your baby is drowning in a heap of unnecessary luxuries which are ultimately leaving your purse feeling a little light and your bank account a tad frightening, it may be alarm bells to nip it in the bud.


Though many new mums and dads have felt the financial hardships of a newborn, which in some cases is inevitable, we here at NetVoucherCodes want to take the pressure off for any expectant mums and hand out some generous, money saving tips!

Firstly, when it comes to tightening your spending habits, the initial path to cross is probably the hardest. Do you ever ask yourself, do i (does my baby) really need this item? Once you establish the answer it will be a lot easier to reign in those unnecessary expenses.


Stick to the necessities

When becoming a new mum, it’s easy to become bombarded with copious amounts of gadgets and unnecessary products! However sticking to the basics and not overindulging in things you will hardly use is key. As a new mum, you can never have too many nappies and wipe. These are essential and you will grateful for plenty of them. Pampers regularly do some great options if you like to use branded products, but a lot of supermarket brands are just as good and often cheaper.


Don’t go crazy on clothes

Whether you’re a first time mum or not, we have all fallen victim to ‘aw look how cute that is’ or ‘my baby would look adorable in this’. Whilst you’re very much correct, it is difficult to not want to buy any cute thing you spot, but it is essential that you’re careful to not go mad on clothes. Baby’s grow like no tomorrow, so most things you buy your newborn won’t even go over their head in a few months, so that really cute designer baby grow you’ve seen? Forget it! There are just as ‘cute’ alternatives for a fraction of the price!

Stick to the basics and buy just a few of each item and stray away from anything designer or overly expensive. For the sake of eating and sleeping, you will find a heap of baby grows and other essentials which won’t break the bank!


Don’t waste your money

There are a heap of fancy products on the market these days which quite frankly are a waste of money! They lure you in and promise to make your life easier. Let’s get straight to the point, they don’t. 

A lot of products on the market can be used for various functions therefore can save you a heap of cash splashing out on different individual items. For example, cribs which can be transformed into toddler beds later on and push chairs which convert into buggy’s for when your child is bigger.

Another expense is baby food! Baby food is often bought in jars and can be extremely expensive, especially when used for every meal. It is often just as nutritious to create your own meals for baby’s and use the jarred food in moderation. You can freeze your own baby food so its a good idea to make a large batch and save for another time.


Think ahead

You will be amazed at the amount of washing you can get through when you have children, it’s a never ending cycle, so get fully stocked up. General laundry detergent can be too harsh for a baby’s skin so make sure to use the specially formulated products. Nappies are also essential. Be sure to bulk buy nappies in various sizes, especially when they’re reduced, you will be surprised how quickly your newborn grows!  


Buy second hand

One of the biggest expenses as a new parent is the pushchair. Some models are worth up to £1,500 and for a lot of people, they simply can’t afford to spend that amount. Kids grow out of pushchairs just as fast as they do clothes so why not save money and go for a second hand one! Places like Ebay and Gumtree are great for bagging a bargain. Think wisely, pushchairs only last up to around 6 months, so before you spend a fortune, is it really worth it?


Don’t always go for the cheapest

For some items it is actually important to not always go for the cheapest option. For example, a steriliser! Many cheaper products only hold about 4 bottles and will be used constantly. However there are more expensive products on the market such as an electric steriliser which can hold up to 6 bottles instead! This would come incredibly handy when they’re constantly being used so it’s sometimes better to go with the more expensive option. 


For new mums, having a baby is inevitably going to be an expensive period, but it will only cost as much as you allow it. The biggest tip is to not fall for the gimmicky gadgets that trick you into believing they’re essential. Nine times out of ten you will only use them once and then never touch them again. Stick to the items that have been tried and tested for generations and are still used today – that way you can’t go wrong.