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Takeaway Money Saving Tips

Rebecca Bebbington·Apr 11, 2022

Dine-In for less with our Guide to Eating in on a budget.

You can’t beat having your favourite grub delivered straight to your door without having to move a muscle. And If you’re no stranger to a takeaway, you’ll know that Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats are the three takeout giants many of us turn to in times of hunger.

But before you reach for the phone to place an order, have you considered how you could save on your next takeaway? We know you’re hungry for a deal, which is why we’ve rounded up a full guide on ways you can cut the cost of your next food fest.

Is it cheaper to order directly from a restaurant? Or is it more affordable to order through delivery services like Just Eat, Deliveroo or Uber Eats? Let’s find out.

In this Guide

  1. How to Save Money on Takeaways
  2. All you need to know
  3. Latest Deliveroo promo codes
  4. Just Eat discount codes
  5. Current Uber Eats discounts

How to Save Money on Takeaways

Always check for a Promo Code

Always check for a promo code before checkout

If you’re new to the world of promo codes, then you really should get to know them. Adding a code to your order at the checkout could bag you a nifty saving on your next takeaway feast. Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat offer discount codes for new and existing customers including money off your order and free delivery.

Ordering for the first time?

Make sure you grab a newbie code! A first-order code could save you up to £10 off your food order. Make sure to have a look through our PIzza and Takeaway discount codes to see what savings you can uncover or simply download your favourite app and take advantage of the many email offers by registering, just make sure you use a first customer code to bag an initial discount.

If you’re an existing customer, many delivery services will email you any available codes or deals directly – but the more you order, the less you will get. If you haven’t ordered in a while, they may send you texts and emails to get you back.

Code not working?

While many of the voucher code websites list all the promo codes available it is worth noting that lots of the takeaway apps are location based and only apply to certain areas or restaurants – some are also time sensitive so it’s always worth checking the terms and conditions of the offer – they are alway worth a try though as they do on occasion give great savings on your order so is worth a bit of trial and error.

Can’t find a Discount Code?

No Discount Code?

If your first instinct is to head straight to Deliveroo, Just Eat or Uber Eats as soon as you fancy a takeaway, did you know you could be paying over the odds?

Food delivery services often charge premium prices for delivery and customer service, known as a service charge. And if you’re ordering small, you can expect extra fees on top.

In fact, the consumer organisation Which? Found that ordering a takeaway via a food delivery app can be up to 44% more expensive than going directly through the restaurant.

If you get your hands on a delivery discount code for your chosen service, you’re good to go and will probably save money. If not, try ordering directly from the restaurant and collecting the order yourself. Collection orders are free of charge and can save you a pretty penny.

By ordering online, you’re paying extra for the convenience of not having to walk further than your front door. So unless you find a delivery code, get savvy and order direct! Or, save more and collect yourself.

Compare to Save

Compare to save

It’s an unwritten rule in the world of spending and finances that comparing prices is essential when it comes to bagging the best deal. And it’s no secret that large food delivery giants like Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats will charge different prices for the same food.

Discount Codes aside, always check through all of your foodie apps to see who is offering the cheaper price. Of course, if you do have a promo code, this may sway your decision, but it’s a great tip for when you’re not as lucky.

Refer a Friend and double up on Savings

We love to get savvy with our spending here at NetVoucherCodes and we’re guessing you do too. Did you know that when ordering via the Uber Eats app, you can double up your savings for both you and your family members?

Head to the Uber Eats app and go to the ‘My Account’ page. Scroll down and you should see ‘Get £10 off My Order’. The interesting thing here is that you can share your code with friends. When they place an order, you will both get £10 off your order (over £20)! Happy eating.

Weekday Treat Days

There’s nothing wrong with a Weekday treat. In fact, ordering a cheeky takeout on a weeknight could actually save you a fortune. Over the weekend, you can expect to pay full price for your goodies, but from Mon-Thurs, we often see big chains slashing their prices on your takeaways favourites.

Keep your eyes peeled for 2 for 1 deals, weekday specials and free delivery deals on weeknights!

Make the most of Student or NHS Discounts

If you’re a student, you’re probably well acquainted with the likes of UNiDays and Student Beans. But it’s not just your favourite fashion giants dishing out the student discounts.

Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eat’s also like to reward students with discounts on their favourite dishes. You could grab £10 off selected orders as well as other special offers at various restaurants. And if you work for the NHS, check out the latest discounts available to you via the Blue Light Card app!

Save on delivery with minimum orders

Check the minimum order value to save on delivery costs

We all know the hassle of trying to meet the delivery requirements to qualify for free delivery. Don’t fall into the trap of paying delivery charges on small items. Try to always meet the minimum order if you don’t want to spend over the odds.

Try adding some dips or a drink to your order to bump up the cost. You will probably thank yourself once your order arrives. Plus, these small extras can often cost less than the delivery price.

All you need to know:
Saving Money on your next Takeaway order

How can I spend less on takeaways?

As mentioned earlier, the best ways to save on your next food delivery feast include comparing prices, finding a discount code or referring a friend. If you’re a student or work for the NHS, be sure to always make use of the special offers on UNiDays, Student Beans or the Blue Light Card app.

Discount codes can be found for the likes of Uber Eats, Deliveroo or Just Eat here at NetVoucherCodes. And if you’re already signed up for these three services, you may even have exclusive offers and special discounts sitting in your inbox!

Lastly, shopping around & comparing prices is key to bagging a bargain on your next curry or pizza. Browse through all your delivery apps to see who’s offering the best price and if you’re not satisfied, why not order directly from the restaurants for the best possible rates.

How can I spend less on food delivery?

Make sure you’re seeking out a discount before pressing order at the checkout! Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eat almost always have a discount for new & existing customers.

Selected restaurants also offer free delivery with orders! If you’re hungry for your favourite dish but want to skip delivery fees, try to seek out a free delivery deal at one of the many restaurants and takeaways on offer.

Is it cheaper to order a takeaway?

Is it cheaper to order a takeaway?

While ordering a takeaway offers you the convenience of not having to leave the house and the advantage of having your food delivered straight to you, it’s not always the cheaper option. Heading out to your local takeaways, restaurants or eateries requires no service or delivery fees as essentially, you’re cutting out the middleman.

However, if you manage to bag a promo code or weekday offer, it may just prove cheaper than heading out to the restaurant yourself!

How do you get a valid Deliveroo promo code?

If you’re new to Deliveroo, you can grab £10 off your first order when you spend £15 or more on your favourite takeout dishes. Students are also in luck when choosing Deliveroo as they too can enjoy special discounts of up to £10 off orders using their student email address.

Free gifts, 25% off selected meal deals and friend referrals are just a few more special offers you can expect when ordering via the Deliveroo app. For more Deliveroo money-saving tips, check out our retailer page for up to the minute deals and ways to save!

What are the latest Just Eat discount codes?

If Just Eat is your ultimate go-to when you’re feeling peckish, you’ll be glad to hear that we keep all the latest money-saving offers & codes listed on our deals page at NetVoucherCodes along with a ton of Just Eat money-saving tips.

You’ll spot discounts of up to 10% off when you spend over £10 and up to 20% off selected cuisines like Chinese or Indian. Some of the best ways you can save if you’re a regular customer are to sign up for their free newsletter or become a member to earn loyalty stamps with each order!

Can you get an Uber Eats new customer promo code?

Save big on your next Uber Eats feast when you make use of our latest promo codes and offers over on our deals page. New customers can grab £8 off their very first order when placed via the UberEats app and if you refer a friend, both you and your bestie could save £10 off your next order over £20.

Students are also in luck when choosing UberEats. Head over to UNiDays and sign up using your student email to unlock a tasty £15 off your next order! Check out what’s on offer as well as more Uber Eats money-saving tips over on our deals page.

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