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The Ultimate Guide To Memory Foam Mattresses

Ellie MacsymonsEllie Macsymons · Jun 8, 2021

If you find your sleeping pattern is often disturbed or you regularly wake up with aches and pains you may require a new mattress. Many of us underestimate how important mattresses are to our body’s daily functioning, our mood and our overall health. In fact, bad mattresses are one of the main causes of sleep deprivation and body aches and pains for many people. It is advised that you change your mattress every 7 years however, some of the latest and most modern designs we have uncovered claim to last up to a decade.


In the past, the most popular type of mattress was always the pocket sprung; however, over the past decade new memory foam hybrid technology mattresses have become more and more favoured. Originally designed by NASA for astronauts in space, these mattresses use innovative material that moulds to the contours of your body. Many of these modern designs also arrive vacuum packed or rolled up and come with a 100-night trial when you buy online. All of the mattresses we’ve researched that use this new memory foam hybrid technology have received outstanding reviews from even the fussiest of sleepers making them the go to option for customers all over the world.


Dormeo offers an extensive selection of memory foam mattresses on their website including an Aloe Vera range and a hybrid memory foam range consisting of 9 different designs.

OctaSmart Hybrid Mattresses – from £599 – check for Dormeo voucher codes

The award-winning OctaSmart hybrid mattresses come in firm, medium and soft grade levels with a free OctaSmart pillow and 60 night trial. These designs use three layers of smart technology, a supportive memory foam layer, breathable OctaSprings and a smart performance cover to create the comfiest and most supportive mattress. The material’s natural airflow helps keep you 3 degrees cooler all night long while the firmness levels support the 3 smart body zones: your shoulders, back and hips. This collection of mattresses is also designed for couples with the layers of individual support that allow you to get in and out of bed without waking your partner up. They even use anti-bacterial, anti-mould and anti-dust mite covers and are delivered rolled and vacuum packed. If you buy a OctaSmart mattress from Dormeo you can also enjoy free and fast delivery and an 18 year warranty. 

Dormeo Options Hybrid Mattresses – from £349.99 – Get an Exclusive 12% off orders over £300 at Dormeo

This collection of hybrid memory foam mattresses combine the comfort and support of memory foam with traditional pocket springs to create a dreamy base for your much needed sleep. The individually wrapped pocket springs allow easier movement while the memory foam moulds and adapts to you. These hybrid layers work together to provide you with the best of both worlds while the cool and breathable air mesh sides provide breathability and better air circulation within your mattress. These designs also feature a non slip base and do not require flipping. They’re delivered vacuum packed and rolled making them more hygienic and easier to manage. When you purchase one of these mattresses you can also expect free delivery and a 1 year warranty as standard.

Bensons for Beds

Bensons For Beds Slumberland Hybrid Mattress – from £406.26 – check for Bensons discount codes

Bensons For Beds offer a range of hybrid memory foam mattresses from some of the biggest sleep brands. Their Slumberland rollo hybrid and duo hybrid mattresses have been voted Product of the Year 2021 and were approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute in 2020. Designed specifically for Bensons for Beds, the Slumberland rolled up hybrid memory foam mattress collection features four different designs in single, double, king and super king sizes. These mattresses are eco-friendly, made with chemical free sleep surfaces and recycled fabric fillings making them a greener alternative to other brands. They also come in various levels of firmness with 1100 full sized pocket springs for enhanced comfort and support.

Every time a customer purchases a Slumberland hybrid memory foam mattress, £10 is donated to Mind – a British mental health charity. When you buy one of these mattresses you’ll also receive an 8 year guarantee, a 100 night trial and fast and easy delivery.

Simba Sleep

The Simba Hybrid – from £406.26 – check for Simba discount codes

Overall customer’s rated The Simba Hybrid a 10/10.

Simba Sleep Discount Codes

This UK based, vacuum-packed mattress promises the perfect night’s sleep with its modern, hybrid technology. The Simba Hybrid features a foam core of 16cm, a 3cm outer layer of memory foam followed by a 4cm layer of conical pocket springs which individually adjust as you sleep. The Simba proves to be much softer than other products within its category and is an all-rounder in terms of comfort and practicality. The ‘Simbatex’ comfort layer is particularly useful for those who perspire during sleep. The Simba helps to keep sweat at bay, so for those who get hot at night, you won’t need to worry about replacing it for years as it’s fantastically robust. The light foam texture is also great for those who sleep on their backs.  What’s also great about the Simba is that it comes in a vast range of sizes including single, small double, standard double, king and super-king and is also available for a 100 day trial.


Tempur Mattress Discount Codes

Tempur Promo Codes 2020

If you’re yearning for uncompromised comfort and support from your mattress look no further than TEMPUR. Developed using NASA space technology, each and every mattress in this collection boasts authentic TEMPUR materials which work to adapt around your body as you sleep – offering comfort like no other. TEMPUR offers more than just memory foam, these materials respond to your body’s weight, temperature and shape to guarantee a deep sleep. Want to feel the benefits for yourself? TEMPUR offers a Free 100 Night Trial so you can put this innovative technology to the test.

Tempur Cloud Mattrress – From £1,179,00

Re-Balance and restore your body after a long day with the TEMPUR Extra Soft Cloud Mattress. The Cloud Extra Soft Material works in unison with underlying layers to instantly cushion your body. Combining 5cm of soft material, 5cm of support material and 11cm of Durabase Technology – you can guarantee soft, cushion like support from the Cloud Mattress. Once your body is settled, your body weight will be redistributed to reduce pressure while you sleep. You will experience less tossing and turning during the night ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed and recuperated. 

The Cloud Mattress is available in 3 ranges – Supreme (21cm deep), Elite (25cm deep) and Luxe (30cm deep) along with 10 sizes including standard single, double, king and super king. To make The Cloud Mattress even more appealing, the covers are also removable so you can keep your mattress fresher for longer.

Tempur Original Mattress – From £1,179.00

Featuring material certified by NASA used to relieve the pressure endured by astronauts during take-off – the TEMPUR Original Mattress brings you the perfect balance between comfort and support to reduce pressure points and tossing and turning while you sleep. For those who prefer a mattress with a medium feel, the original mattress delivers the core benefits of support and comfort that are engineered to respond to your bodies shape, temperature and weight. While your body moves throughout the night, the space technology will perfectly mould to your shape using visco-elastic cells. Featuring 2cm of comfort material, 8cm of support material and 11cm of Durabase, the Original Mattress guarantees support where you need it – all night long.

Tempur Hybrid Mattress – From £1,179.00

If you’ve never experienced the comfort of a Hybrid Mattress, now is the time. Combining pocketed micro-coil springs overlaid with layers of advanced TEMPUR material, the TEMPUR Hybrid Mattresses offers the best of both traditional and contemporary sleep technology. Enjoy supreme comfort and pressure relieving support with 3cm of TEMPUR material, 5cm of Dynamic Support technology, 10cm of precision micro coils and 3cm of Durabase Technology which collaborate to ensure a restful night’s sleep.

Encased in a washable soft quilted cover, the Hybrid Mattress is low maintenance. It is also available in 10 sizes and 3 ranges including the Supreme (21cm deep), Elite (25cm deep) and Luxe (30cm deep).

Tempur Sensation Mattress – From £1,179.00

The firmest mattress in the TEMPUR collection – the Sensation Mattress is designed using dynamic support technology that guarantees extraordinary support and pressure relief. Engineered using dynamic base technologies which offer both a bouncy and firm feel, the Sensation Mattress combines the feel of traditional spring layers with a layer of luxury TEMPUR material. Designed using 2cm of comfort material, 4cm of support material, 4cm of Dynamic Support and 11cm of Durabase Technology, the TEMPUR Sensation Mattress delivers the best of both worlds. The Dynamic Support Technology also guarantees ease of movement and full-body support as well as relief to your bodies pressure points.

Shop the collection in 3 ranges including the Supreme (21cm deep), Elite (25cm deep) and Luxe (30cm deep).


The DreamCloud Mattress – From £599 – Check for DreamCloud discount codes

DreamCloud Coupon Codes 2020

Boasting 5 layers of premium material, the DreamCloud brings luxury into your bedroom. Designed to offer the perfect balance between comfort, contouring and pushback support, the DreamCloud Mattress is lovingly crafted, meticulously chosen and scientifically optimised to provide maximum breathability and premium softness. Recommended for those who sleep on their side, back or stomach, the DreamCloud’s breathable memory foam contours your body perfectly and offers unparalleled heat distribution. In addition, the soft, quilted cover is one of the most sought after fabrics on the planet so you won’t want to leave your bed any time soon. Finally, the DreamCloud’s Active Edge Coils provide support exactly where you need it. 

Available in all sizes from single to super king, you can even try the DreamCloud Mattress out for your self with the 365-day free trial.

Nectar Sleep

Nectar Sleep Mattress – from £599 – check for Nectar Sleep promo codes

Customers Rated the Nectar Sleep Mattress 5* with Trustpilot

The Nectar Sleep combines an array of unique and innovative technology to create a heavenly base. Within the mattress, specific function serves a unique purpose that when combined, makes for the perfect night’s sleep. Featuring a cooling layer designed to draw heat from your body, a smart layer to regulate body temperature, pressure-relieving memory foam to provide comfort where your body needs it most and a supportive 7 base layer this mattress is designed with the perfect night’s sleep in mind. As well as all this, it also combines 7 zones and positioning base material to keep your mattress in place. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why the team at Nectar Sleep are so certain that their mattress promises a cool and comfortable night’s sleep. As well as providing you with the support of a firm mattress, which perfectly contours your body, the Nectar top is also reliably comfortable and soft. You can shop the Nectar Sleep Mattress in sizes ranging from single to a super king with prices increasing £100 with each size.

What’s more, Nectar understand how important buying a new mattress is, which is why they give you the opportunity to test their products for yourself with their industry-leading, year-long trial. Nectar will ship your mattress to your door and unless you’re 100% happy with it within 365 days, you will get all your money back, plus a free pickup.


eveSleep Discount Codes 2020

Check for EveMattress discount codes

The Original Mattress – from £399 

Boasting 24cm and 3 layers of next-generation memory foam, the award-winning Original Eve Mattress is designed to support your body perfectly to guarantee an excellent nights sleep. Offering a soft, cushioning, knitted top cover, 3cm of breathable memory foam, 3cm of a revolutionary cooling layer, an 18cm supportive base layer and an anti-slip base. The Eve Mattress comes vacuum-packed like many others it also available in 7 different convenient sizes from UK Single to Emperor.

The Premium Mattress – from £899 

The Eve Premium Mattress features 28cm of luxurious memory foam material, complemented by active cooling, a patented floatfoam layer as well as a washable antibacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal top cover. What’s more, the unique contour features help to keep pressure off your shoulders and hips to guarantee a brighter start to your morning. Available in the UK size Double to a Super King.


Dreams Hyde and Sleep Hybrid Mattresses – from £599 – check for Dreams discount codes

Dreams feature a collection of hybrid memory foam mattresses from Hyde and Sleep. Every one of these mattresses are wrapped in a luxurious breathable cover adding an extra layer of comfort to the various grades of firmness and 1426 pocket springs. Made in the UK and available exclusively to Dreams, these hybrid memory foam mattresses adjust to your body to provide a deep and peaceful sleep.

The combination of materials moulds to your specific shape while also distributing your body weight to reduce the build up of pressure points. This award-winning mattress collection also comes with a 1-year guarantee and standard and rolled options for easier manoeuver and delivery. You’ll find every size of mattress from single to super king alongside free delivery within 7 days. Shop for the hybrid blueberry, raspberry, lemon, lilac or orange for different grades of firmness and enjoy a better quality night sleep, every night.

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  3. Mattress Online

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