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Best and worst value UK staycations 2021

John StirzakerJohn Stirzaker · Mar 24, 2021

As hopes of a foreign holiday are once again shelved due to Coronavirus restrictions and uncertainties, many families will be opting for a UK staycation in 2021. But how much should you realistically be paying and where in the country offers the most bang for your buck?

To help Brits stick to their budgets and avoid overpaying where possible, we’ve analysed the cost of a week away at some of Britain’s most popular holiday hotspots, taking into account the average price for accommodation, meals out, and a pint.

With most Brits staying put this summer, trips are being booked now in the hope of catching the cheapest prices.

Holidaymakers on a budget but desperate for a bit of sea and sand should visit Swansea’s Rhossili Bay. Whilst the price of staying in a caravan skyrockets, families can bag a room in a hotel for less than £450 for the week.

Rhossili Bay
Rhossili Bay, Swansea, Wales.

City breaks are the most cost-effective, with tourists heading to Sheffield and Liverpool getting the most for their money.

Those dreaming of a beach will have to splash the most cash on their week away, especially if they are wanting to head to Brighton or Jersey. A week in Brighton could set back a family of four back almost £2,000 on accommodation alone.

Brighton Pier
Brighton Pier

To save even more money, holidaymakers should stock up on petrol at stations with lower prices and pay for bigger bills with their credit card, to add extra spending security.
It’s also worth scouring the internet for voucher codes to save money on accommodation, food and drinks.

Best value:

Rhossili Bay

Rhossili Bay

Brits desperate for a bit of sand and sea should investigate Swansea’s Rhossili Bay. The resort offers three miles of golden sand, beautiful landscapes, and history everywhere. With a hotel for two adults and two children for seven nights coming in at an average of £430, it is the cheapest destination on our list. Dinner and a pint will cost about £14 per person. It is worth getting your holiday planned, as caravans in the same area are currently being booked for upwards of £1,200!



Sitting on the edge of the Peak District National Park, the city of Sheffield has plenty to explore. A family of four could bag 7 nights in a hotel for around £440 or can stay in a B&B for an extra £80. Those exploring the area when pubs and restaurants are back open can enjoy eating out for around £10 per person, with the average pint costing £3.50.



The next cheapest staycation is in Liverpool. Holidaymakers can explore the Royal Albert Dock and be immersed in the local history, from musicians to the amazing architecture. A week in a hotel will set families back around £455, with breakfast every morning adding around £120 more to the total price. Adults can eat out for approximately £13 each, with the price of a pint sitting at about £3.20.



City lovers will adore Manchester’s offering. The bustling city centre is full of incredible shopping experiences and quirky excursions. Two children and two adults can spend a week in a hotel for £450-£550. Eating and drinking out will be a costly part of the trip, with a meal and a pint coming in at around £18.50 each.

Porthminster Beach

Porthminster Beach

Located a short walk from the centre of St Ives, Porthminster is the perfect place to have a Cornish break. The award-winning beach is a favourite among families and has seasonal lifeguards, making it a super safe place to swim. Accommodation here can be found for as little as £330, but the cost of an average weekly stay in a hotel comes to around £500. Cottages and caravans in the area have recently been advertised for almost £2,000 per week over the summer holidays, so it is well worth sticking to the hotel search sites.

Worst value:

Woolacombe Beach

Holidaymakers hoping to stay in this beautiful Devon location will be disappointed if they are looking to do it on a budget. Tourists can expect to pay upwards of £2,000 for a week-long stay in a caravan. It is easy to see why this beautiful location is booking up fast for steep prices, as it has superb views right the way out to Lundy Island and across the Bristol Channel.

St.Brelade’s Bay

St.Brelade's Bay

This south-facing Jersey-based beach has palm trees, soft sand and during the summer months enjoys sun for most of the day. Sounds idyllic, right? Well, the price for four to stay in a hotel for a week averages out at around £2,000, but guests can expect to pay anywhere upwards of an eye-watering £3,000. Pub grub and a pint is also pretty expensive in Jersey, averaging out at almost £20 per head.

Fistral Beach

Fistral Beach

Best known for its surfing, Newquay’s next-door neighbour Fistral Beach comes in second place for being the worst value UK staycation. The long stretch of golden sand is backed by sand dunes and cliffs, but a weeklong trip for a family of four will cost £2,000 for a hotel, or £1,200 for a cottage. The price of a trip to Cornwall significantly increases when factoring in food and drinks. The cost of an average meal when out adds up to a staggering £30, with pints costing an extra £4 each.


It is no surprise how costly a trip to Brighton can become, especially seeing as it is the nearest coast to London. A visit to the city will set tourists back a whopping £1,900 on average for hotel costs, or £1,600 at a B&B. Trips around the centre will have visitors stunned at the spectacular graffiti and street art, but shellshocked at the price of a pint. Each drink will cost around £4.50!



This tiny village in Cumbria lies on the shore of England’s largest lake, Windermere. It has become a tourist hotspot in recent years and has numerous attractions to keep visitors busy. Prices for accommodation for a week range from £1,350 to stay in a cottage or caravan, all the way up to £1,500 for a hotel or B&B. Fans of beer will be happy to know they cost £3.20 on average, with a meal coming to £10 per head.

Sandbanks Beach

Sandbanks Beach

This sought-after location is home to several famous faces in football and Jamie Redknapp even named his clothing brand after it! The beach set on Pool’s peninsula is beautiful, with soft golden sands and breath-taking views. Families hoping to holiday here should start saving, as seven nights in a caravan here costs £1,800 on average. Holidaymakers happy in a hotel could book a week-long trip for around £1,450.

Save money every time you book a holiday

It goes without saying that you should always be on the eye out for a last minute bargain break, but with demand outstripping supply in some locations it’s already pretty tough finding the perfect UK trip. Check out our staycations money saving guide for tips on the latest hotels discount codes to how to save money on your holiday wardrobe.

The Data – ordered by average accomodations costs for a week…


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*n/a denotes none found or available for the period

Destination Images: Wikimedia Creative Commons.

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