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How to Travel on a Student Budget: A Complete Guide for Students

Charlie Stirzaker·Jun 6, 2023

If you’re wondering how you can travel on a student budget this summer, NetVoucherCodes has you covered.

It’s finally time to bid farewell to those lengthy lessons and lectures, your last deadline is met and you now have a glorious summer ahead! And as the summer months approach, the group chat is buzzing with excitement, wondering ‘Where’s next?’.

Whether you’re embarking on a gap year or filling your summer term with exciting plans, buckle up and get ready for a thrilling travel experience under the sun – all while keeping your student overdraft intact.

From party destinations to exotic long-haul trips, or even exploring a new city, you can do it all on a budget with our fantastic money-saving tips and the unbeatable travel deals available here at NetVoucherCodes.

Regardless of your destination, we have all the tools you need to save on travel expenses and maximize your student budget. If you’re eager to dive into the world of travel and create unforgettable memories, our travel tips are here to lend a helping hand, ensuring you make the most of your student budget this summer!

What’s in this Guide?

  1. Book a Package Holiday
  2. Student Party Paradise
  3. Student Discounts
  4. Budget Friendly Accommodation
  5. Shop Duty-Free
  6. Backpacking on a Budget
  7. Pack like a Pro
  8. Access your Finances Anywhere

Book a Package Holiday

Looking for a dreamy getaway without breaking the bank? You should look no further than the package holidays available online. Whether you choose Jet2Holidays, TUI, or any other holiday provider, you’ll be sure to find fantastic affordable package holidays. Take advantage of money off per person, and make sure you compare prices to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy pristine sandy beaches or explore vibrant cities, you’re sure to do so for less when you take advantage of the package holidays which have been carefully crafted to help you save money on your travels.

If you’re travelling on a budget, all-inclusive packages are handy, especially if you’re travelling to party destinations, as not only will they help you save money on food, but you can also take advantage of unlimited food and drink throughout the day!

Jet2Vibe is a great place to start your search with designated holiday destinations and accommodations aimed at party-goers and students! Many other travel retailers offer similar package deals for nightlife holidays and 18-30’s clubbing experiences. Check them out, compare prices and get booked in.

Student Party Paradise

Students up and down the country will be ditching studying for sun, sea and partying this summer, and whatever your destination you can be sure that somewhere there’ll be a rep offering free shots on entry. We’ve put together some top money-saving tips which will help you stick to your holiday budget.

  1. Book Tickets in Advance
    Just like at home, booking your tickets for events in advance saves you money. Whether you’re clubbing in Ibiza, partying on a boat in Magaluf or drinking along the strip in Zante, many of the clubs offer tickets for these events at a discounted price if you book in advance. Make sure you check out group discounts too, as sometimes clubs offer special offers when you book tickets in advance for you and your mates.
  2. All-Inclusive Pre-Drinks
    Choosing all-inclusive as a part of your package holiday will not only give you something to eat before you head out to a party, but their unlimited drinks make it the perfect solution for pre-drinking without splashing the cash. Use your all-inclusive wristband to stock up on drinks whilst you get ready for your big night out.
  3. Cash is King
    Ditch the contactless and credit cards and use the free ATMs to draw some cash out. Not only will this help you moderate how much you spend, but you’ll also avoid additional tax when using your card abroad. 
  4. Turn off Data Roaming
    As important as it is to not lose your phone whilst you’re out, it’s also just as important to turn off your data roaming. This way your phone won’t eat away at your data allowance and will save you money on your phone bill.

Student Discounts

There are so many discount codes available on the likes of Student Beans and UNiDays which will help you save on your travel. Whether it’s money off flights or discounted prices on luggage and tourist attraction tickets, you’re sure to bag yourself some instant savings when you make use of all the student discounts at your disposal.

Check out flight sights such as Kayak which offer student discounts on their flights, as well as discounts on, Ryanair, national express, Jet2Holidays, Loveholidays and so many more leading travel sights all offer exclusive student discounts through UNiDays and Student Beans.

Budget-Friendly Accommodation

Students around the world with a passion for travel will be looking for ways in which they can cut the cost of their travel plans this summer. Staying in hostels instead of hotels not only offers students the opportunity to embrace the local culture and meet new people, but you’ll also save on accommodation costs.

These hostels and cheap accommodations not only allow students to experience their destination authentically, but you’ll also find that the hostel staff are very friendly and can offer you tourist advice when it comes to exploring your travels.

Unlike expensive hotels, hostels and cheap accommodation also offer a social community, in which you can meet fellow student travellers and make new friends from all around the world.

More importantly, though, these budget-friendly accommodations fit well within your student budget. These shared dormitories or basic rooms are not only the perfect option for your student budget, but they also give you more money to spend on other travel expenses with the new friends you meet in your room. and are great places to start your search! Simply filter your search for shared accommodation or hostels to narrow down your choices. And don’t forget to check out what deals or discounts we have here at NetVoucherCodes.

Shop Duty-Free

You’ve checked in and flown through security, but before you sip that first pint in the airport bar, head over to Duty-Free for some tax-free bargains. Not only will you find fantastic duty-free offers on designer sunglasses, aftershaves and more, but you’ll also find miniature spirits which are the perfect alternative to spending a fortune on booze on board the plane.

Duty-free shops offer you the opportunity to save on your favourite alcoholic beverages without exceeding your 100ml limit when boarding your flight, allowing you to drink on the plane without messing up your budget. Stock up with your friends and save yourself some money!

Backpacking on a Budget

Students around the world often put breaks on travelling due to their student budget. However, we do everything we can to ensure students can enjoy the thrill of travelling whilst mastering the art of budget backpacking. Here are some top tips to help you stretch your budget and bring out the adventurer in you:

  1. Plan Smart and Save
    Before you hit the road, it’s essential to make sure you plan smart and make every penny count. Whether that be budgeting for each day, buying tourist tickets in advance or making sure you meet your luggage allowance to avoid additional costs at the airport.
  2. Compare Flights
    To get the cheapest prices on flights make sure you check out flight comparison sites such as Flightscanner, Skyscanner and Kayak. You’ll find the cheapest flights available from all around the country, with all the big flight providers available offering bargain prices. What’s more, many flight companies often offer student discounts as well as promotional codes which will help you save when you book online!
  3. Travel and Eat for Less
    Learn how to navigate the world of affordable meals, budget accommodation and cost-effective transport before you embark on your travels. Ask the locals for advice on cheap cafes and restaurants, as well as budget-friendly hostels which are sure to protect you from burning a hole in your pocket whilst on your travels. Wave goodbye to tourist traps and hello to authentic experiences which are sure to protect your budget.

    Transportation expenses can quickly add up, especially if you’re relying on taxis or private transfers. Opting for public transport like buses, trams and trains is a much more affordable option and will help you explore the area without splashing the cash. Take advantage of day passes and return tickets to ensure you get the best price possible on your transport fares.
  4. Top Tourist Tips
    You don’t need to splash the cash to enjoy your travels, and there are plenty of low-cost activities you can do along your backpacking journey. Discover breathtaking natural wonders and bag yourself discounted admission tickets to museums when you make use of all the latest travel tips available online at NetVoucherCodes.

    Another way you can save on travel is when you choose dates which are off-season. Not only will you be able to take advantage of cheaper flights, accommodation and activities, but the area you choose to visit won’t be as crowded, allowing you to enjoy a more authentic, stress-free experience.

    Do your research and plan your trip well in advance to make sure you make the most of your trip. You’ll find plenty of travel guides and top tips on TikTok, with lots of insight available on how to plan a long-haul trip, island hopping and the top 5 places you should visit. Many students share their travel experiences on TikTok, and their tips can be a lifesaver when it comes to making the most of your time abroad.

Thinking about backpacking this summer? One of our money saving and self-confessed travel experts here at NetVoucherCodes, Ellie spent 3 months backpacking in 2019 and has shared her experience and top tips with us:

In 2019, I travelled around South East Asia and Australia as a student for 3 months. Before I went, I made a detailed itinerary of the places I wanted to travel to and booked all of my flights in advance. This way, I covered all the most expensive parts of the trip before I left home and didn’t have to dip into my spending money for large sums of money while I was away. I kept the rest of my travel low-cost by choosing Greyhound buses and trains rather than planes- this was perfect for South East Asia as a lot of the countries are close together. Many of the buses and trains also have beds, plug sockets and sleeping facilities so there’s no need to worry about comfort. 

Once I arrived at each destination, I made sure to avoid chain restaurants and bars while eating. Local, traditional cuisine was a lot cheaper and made the whole experience way more authentic! South East Asia itself is quite an affordable area, as long as you avoid tourist traps and luxury resorts. You’ll find loads of hostels that are much cheaper than hotels and also great places to meet fellow travellers and like-minded people. As hostels often cater for young travellers and students, they usually have a lot more going on and offer food and drink at a more affordable price. 

My time in Australia was the more expensive part of my adventure however I still managed to travel the country on a budget. A lot of pubs and bars do weekday deals that allow you to enjoy things like a burger and a beer for under 10 dollars so make sure to keep your eye out for these. I also stayed at apartments and hostels where you could cook your own food from supermarkets and local shops which proved more affordable than eating out.”

If you’re a student looking to travel this summer here are my top 3 tips to keep costs as low as possible:

  1. Avoid flights as much as you can- trains and buses are a much more affordable option and allow you to see more of the country you’re travelling through.
  2. Choose local eateries and small restaurants rather than large luxury chains while eating out. Not only will you save money and support a small business- it’s likely the food will be better quality and more authentic!
  3. Stay in hostels wherever you can. Not only are they cheaper than hotels, but they’re also great places for students to meet fellow travellers and they always have loads going on.

Thanks for the tips, Ellie!

Pack like a Pro

There are plenty of ways you can maximise your luggage space, whether it be wearing extra clothes on the plane, vacuum packing your clothes, buying travel set essential toiletries or even filling your shoes with socks to make some extra space.

Make the most of your luggage space when you shop for must-have carry-on suitcases available online at top luggage stores such as Luggage Superstore, Case Luggage and more. These bags are the perfect solution for saving money, plus you’ll find discount codes right here at NetVoucherCodes which will help you save on your bags and suitcases online.

Your luggage bag is more than just an accessory, it’s a gateway to a stress-free adventure, so whether you’re a frequent flyer or a spontaneous traveller, the carry-on suitcases are the perfect solution for saving money on your baggage allowance.

Access your Finances Anywhere

When travelling abroad, staying connected and in control of your finances allows you to manage how much you spend and budget effectively. Easily transfer funds from your savings account to your debit or credit card with ease when you make use of online banking overseas.

Check the exchange rate of your bank when it comes to contactless spending overseas. Some online banks, such as Monzo and Starling Bank, offer fantastic exchange rates on overseas payments, allowing you to shop in any currency you like without paying any additional fees.

To make sure you get the most out of your money and take advantage of the best exchange rates, make sure you compare your bank account to ensure you get the best features possible. There are many benefits that come with online banking, and contactless payments are the perfect solution when you use a Mastercard abroad, as they have the lowest exchange rate!

If you’ve decided to ditch the UK for a summer of travel, check out our 23 Money Saving Travel Tips guide as well as our How to Save Money Abroad blog post for tons of ways you can curb spending on your next adventure. And don’t forget to check out our Travel Category for the best discount codes and deals from all your favourite travel brands including the likes of Jet2Holidays, TUI and First Choice.

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