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The True Cost of Euro 2024 Football Shirts

Charlie Stirzaker·Jun 6, 2024

With Euro 2024 just around the corner, fans are facing a surprising trend – skyrocketing prices for the latest football shirts!

Our team of money saving experts here at NetVoucherCodes took on the task of comparing these costs across different European teams to determine which country offers the best value for money shirt.

As England and Scotland fans gear up to support their nation in an action-packed summer of football, we’ve matched our home nation’s shirt prices against other major contenders competing for the title in Germany. And if you’re eager to support your team this year without overspending, we’ve also included some of our top money-saving tips to help you cheer on your nation for less!

Are football shirts getting too expensive? Which Euro’s 2024 shirt is the most affordable? And most importantly, how can we avoid overspending this summer to support our teams? We’ve done all the hard yards to find out.

Cost of Euro2024 Home Shirt in each Qualifying Country (€)

Cost of Euro2024 Home Shirt in each Qualifying Country (€)
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Jump to the full data here.

Nike Sponsored Shirts

Given the UK’s financial crisis, it’s no surprise that football shirt prices have risen over the years, with 2024 prices hitting new highs. As the new England shirt was released, many fans took to X to criticise Nike for their prices, with some labelling the price ‘disgusting’ and ‘utterly unforgivable’.

However, this isn’t the first time English shirt prices have faced criticism. In 2014, the BBC criticised Nike for their £90 (€111.69 at the 2014 exchange rate) player shirts before the World Cup.

Interestingly, this is the same price as a stadium shirt this summer, nearly a decade later. So, how do the prices of the England Euro 2024 shirts compare to those of our European rivals?

Image: JD Sports

Our team of saving experts discovered that England’s stadium shirt costs around £85 (€100) at retail price, which costs just £21 less than a return flight to Berlin (£106) on the day the Euros begins with EasyJet.

This price is the same for their rivals, France, the Netherlands and Portugal – as all their kits are supplied by Nike.

This suggests that Nike have set a fixed price of €100 (£85) for their Euro 2024 shirts, regardless of the team’s UEFA ranking or popularity. And If you think that’s expensive, Nike also offers match shirts for £125 (€146.66)!

TOP TIP: Signing up for the newsletter at the official England website bagged us a 10% off saving!

Adidas Sponsored Shirts

Nike’s main rival, Adidas, supplies kits to tournament hosts Germany, Italy, and Spain. Their stadium kits have a fixed price of €100 (£85) for adults and €65 (£55) for kids, which is cheaper than Nike’s €79.99 (£64.99) price for kids’ shirts.

Image: JD Sports

For Scotland, despite sharing the same sponsor, the Euro 2024 shirts are only available at JD Sports due to the Scottish FA’s sponsorship deal, with adult shirts priced at £75 (€88) and kids’ shirts at £55 (€65).

In England’s group, Denmark, Serbia, and Slovenia have significantly cheaper shirts. Denmark’s Hummel shirts are priced at €79.95 (£68.75), just five world rankings behind Germany’s Adidas shirts, which cost €100 (£85). The cheapest shirt in the group is Slovenia’s, costing €75 (£68.75).

The data suggests that shirt prices are relative to demand, with national kits from countries with smaller populations costing less. Despite Denmark’s success in the last Euros, reaching the Semi-Finals before being knocked out by England, Denmark’s shirts are among the cheapest this summer, while England’s shirts are the most expensive, reflecting their larger population and higher demand.

Is the 2024 England Shirt a must-have?

Despite the release of the brand new England 2024 Euro Shirts, we wanted to know if footballers were genuinely interested in purchasing them. After a quick survey around the office here at NetVoucherCodes, a whopping 100% of the team said they would unsurprisingly wear an old kit, saving themselves £85!

Survey Insights from 20 Fylde Coast FC Players

NVC came to their verdict pretty quickly, however, we wanted to hear from the Footballers themselves! Fylde Coast FC is an Adult football team in Lancashire, which we’re proud to sponsor.

We asked all 20 players if they were interested in buying the brand-new England shirt. Eighteen of them preferred to wear an old England shirt and opted not to purchase the latest edition, while two players, who wished to remain anonymous, said they had recently bought a replica of the new kit for under £20 😱.

Anonymous England shirt

However, we also sponsor two local junior football teams where NetVoucherCodes staff have children playing (U11s & U14s). The responses from parents in the group chat were quite different: 35% favoured saving money by using an old England kit.

The main reason for wanting the new shirt was that the children wanted the latest kit with their favourite players’ names on the back, increasing the cost for parents.

The Affordability of Euros 2024 Football Shirts

How does the cost of international football shirts align with the average salaries for each country competing in the 2024 Euros?

Click the image to expand

Despite the pricing of the England shirt this summer, compared to our average monthly income it ranks pretty well compared to how affordable it is with the England home shirt on average costing fans 17.57% of their weekly wage. With Nike adopting the same pricing for all of their shirts, Portugal fans will feel hard done by as they will have to fork out 35.29% of their weekly wage on average to support their team this summer.

Total Number of Euro2024 Kits by Brand
Click the image to expand

The data shows that Serbia,Turkey, Albania and Georgia’s Euro 2024 shirts are the least affordable, with all of their prices taking up more than 40% of their weekly wage. Surprisingly, Italy and Portugal’s shirts were the least affordable compared to the other nations ranked in the top 10 of the official FIFA world rankings, despite the two nations winning the previous two tournaments.

Hosts of the tournament Germany rank amongst the best affordable shirts, with German fans expected to turn their stadiums into a sea of white thanks to their shirt costing 13.19% of their weekly wage. However, the most affordable shirt comes from Switzerland, which will cost their fans just 7.78% of their weekly wage.

Scotland can pick up their shirts for just 15.23% of their weekly wage, and Scots will be relieved that this summer they can purchase their own shirt rather than England’s opponents!

Overall, our findings show that despite the £85 charge for the England shirt, on average England fans can afford the shirt, however there is a reluctance to pay the figure as cheaper retro shirts have become fashionable in recent years.

Which is not great news for football mad families

As a family of 4, you can expect to fork out a massive £300 (€352) if you’re looking to rock the latest England football shirt over the summer, and that’s before the kids start asking for their favourite players name and number on the back.

Image: JD Sports

Thankfully, there are ways to save some extra money on your football shirts so stick around to find out how you can bag yourself some well needed savings online.

Rise of Retro Shirts

Over recent years there has been a shift towards people opting to wear retro football shirts which their footballing icons used to wear. Whilst Score Draw has released a number of replica retro shirts for £40, which is £45 cheaper than the latest shirts, there has also been a rise in the number of shirts being sold on marketplaces such as eBay and Vinted.

Score Draws retro shirt collection
A selection of Score Draws retro shirt collection which starts at just £40

Many fans sell the latest shirt on the marketplace with the tags still attached because the shirt doesn’t fit them or it was purchased as a gift. All orders at eBay and Vinted are protected, so you won’t be left out of pocket, therefore it’s well worth having a go at negotiating a cheap price with sellers on these marketplaces to get your shirt for less.

Whether you’re shopping for iconic shirts from previous tournaments or perhaps you’re on the lookout for training tops from years before, there are plenty of shirts available that will help you show your support for as little as £5 on eBay and Vinted.

There are also chances to save on the replica retro shirts from Score Draw which are available on sites such as JD Sports and Pro Direct Soccer. These replica shirts are not excluded from discount codes, therefore you can save on replicas unlike the selected Euro 2024 shirts which are excluded from traditional discount codes at JD Sports.

How much will the 2024 shirt sell for at the next major tournament in 2026?

Given that the price of the latest shirts is rather expensive, we were curious as to how much the previous England shirt was retailing for, which was previously used in the 2022 Qatar World Cup little under 18 months ago.

You can pick up the England 2022 shirt for 45% cheaper than the new shirt for a price of £38 (€44.59), meaning you’re paying more than double the amount for the latest England shirt this summer.

Ways to save money on Football Shirts

If you’re looking to pick up the latest shirts to cheer on your team this summer, we’ve got some money saving tips which will help you reduce the price of your shirt and help you get Euros ready for less!

As many of the Euro 2024 shirts are excluded from sales and discount codes, our team of money saving experts have done some digging to find all of the hidden ways you can bag a bargain online and we’re here to share them with you.

Sign up to official team newsletters and Save

The best way to bag yourself a discount on the latest Euro 2024 shirts is by signing up for newsletters which offer 10% off first orders.

We found that by signing up to Adidas, KitBag and the official national team stores newsletter you can bag yourself 10% off your online shop, with many of these online stores also offering free delivery too!

KitBag, who are partners with Fanatics who supply national team stores with official merchandise, are the perfect place to save money on international shirts thanks to their newsletter offers, free delivery and 365 day returns too.

Download the ProDirect Sport App

Become a ProMember when you download the ProDirect Sport App and unlock 10% off your in-app order. This will allow you to shop the collection of international shirts available online for a discounted price, whilst also unlocking lots of other special offers and cool fitness features within the app.

Take Advantage of Student Discounts

Another way you can pick up savings on Euro 2024 kits is by taking advantage of the student discounts available. Kit suppliers such as Adidas have a student discount which can be applied to Italy, Germany and Spain kits if you’re a Republic of Ireland fan looking to support one of England and Scotland’s rivals! To get your student discount all you need to do is verify your student status online.

Where can I save money when buying football shirts?

Our research found that you can save money on football shirts at the following retailers:

Full Data

CountryKitBrandAvg Montly NET Salary (€)Avg Weekly NET Salary (€)Cost of Shirt (€)Cost of Shirt as %of weekly wage


To find the most affordable football shirts, NetVoucherCodes first analysed the cost of each home shirt on the official website of each qualifying country. They then found the average yearly, monthly, and weekly salaries for each of the Euro 2024 qualified countries by analysing various databases, including the OECD and country-specific statistical reports. Finally, each country’s home shirt was calculated as a percentage of their average weekly wage.

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