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Richard Fox portrait

Richard Fox

Content Writer

Joined NetVoucherCodes in 2022

What does your day-to-day look like?

I have a large involvement in social media content and use my previous artistic training to produce graphic design work for the content team. Most of my day is spent in the creation of blogs and content pieces and ideas for money-saving articles. I have also been working on the company's sister site, the ParentBible researching and creating really helpful content pieces around issues all parents face.

The team is always full of great ideas to help us all save money. We always keep an eye out for current trends and issues we all face and respond to them by producing fantastically useful content.

What deal-hunting tips do you live by?

I have a family and like most households, we are struggling to keep a lid on spiralling costs. I have a great deal of expertise within the property and construction sector so making the most of energy efficiency in the home and the way that items are used is probably my first money-saving tip. It has been great to see my name in published articles relating to money saving around the home.

Also, using my artistic side, I love to repair and upcycle furniture and products that may not be getting the best use in their current state or form. I also love to create pieces of art to decorate the home instead of purchasing items. This makes it all the more rewarding when I see my expertise and tips published in our blog posts and within the press.

Lastly, I can't make any large purchase without doing a bit of research into the product. Making sure that the purchase is going to fit the need I have, rather than buying the latest feature-packed more expensive model. I will often purchase a slightly outdated model that will do the job perfectly well, at a vastly reduced price.

Do you get a good work/life balance?

I love working for NetVoucherCodes because there is a great work-life balance, which is especially important as I am a parent to a school-age child with special needs which can be incredibly demanding at times!

The ethos of the company is great and allows you to catch up on work when you are best able to do so, and the bonus of working from home from time to time helps massively with reducing childcare costs. You know when working for the company that your well-being is most important and helps you to be the best employee you can be whilst at work.