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Lucinda Fox portrait

Lucinda Fox

Social Media Coordinator & Writer

Joined NetVoucherCodes in 2022

What are your main responsibilities within the Content Team?

The key responsibility I have is writing content for our retailer pages. This involves researching the most effective money-saving methods for a range of retailers whilst also producing an engaging piece of content with our branding in mind. Helping our customers save money on their online purchases is at the heart of what we do, so guaranteeing that I know and implement the best tips to cut costs in my content is very important.

As well as this, social media is a predominant part of my workload. Within this role, I have to ensure that I am up to date with the latest trends and the social calendar to incorporate these factors into my posts across our social media accounts. Collaborating with the rest of the Content Team is a major part of this, as we discuss viral topics and how to implement them into our strategy.

Do you need a degree to work for NetVoucherCodes?

You certainly do not need a degree to work at NetVoucherCodes. They invest in people and characteristics - if you demonstrate a strong work ethic, a willingness to learn and adaptability then you will fit right into the team and the working environment.

From my English Language and Literature degree, the main skills that I have applied are creativity, tone of voice, adaptability, critical thinking, research skills and imaginative problem-solving. Since the job is so varied, adaptability is key as well as a willingness to learn new things as we adapt to the current market and trends.

Whilst my degree has been extremely helpful in developing my writing skills and promoting a creative flair in my retailer content pieces, these are skills that can be built on through other disciplines and can be learned whilst gaining experience in the field.

Can you disclose your most successful savings tips?

A helpful money-saving method I have used to cut my spending is budget planning. Whilst this sounds simple, it is a very effective way to reduce outgoings and definitely helped me get through my student days. By devising a monthly plan of my budget across food, bills, transport and leisure, I became more conscious of my expenditure and ensured that I always found cheaper alternatives.

However, the best tip I have for making sure you bag yourself a bargain is to keep up to date with recent sales and offers. If there’s a specific retailer that you want to buy from, then check back on our deals page to view the latest deals and voucher codes, as they are updated regularly. I have saved a pretty penny on many purchases such as gifts and fashion by doing this!