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Is Your Career at Risk of Being Replaced by Artificial Intelligence or Automation? We asked AI

Rebecca Bebbington·Jan 20, 2023

Watch out – robots are coming for our jobs!

Yep, you read that right, with the rise of AI and Automation, it’s only a matter of time before some jobs become obsolete.

Ok, maybe not quite. But AI technology could seriously give us mere mortals a run for our money.

Will you be replaced by a robot at work?

I mean, who needs a sales assistant when you could have a robot who never takes breaks or asks for a pay rise? Not to mention their impeccable customer service skills 👀

And it’s not just the retail industry at risk. Even jobs in the medical field, creative industries and banking are at risk of being snatched by AI.

In the near future, we will probably be reminiscing over the days we spent painstaking hours designing graphics, writing articles or conducting interviews.

How silly of us!

“So, should I be worried about my job?” We hear you ask. Yes, yes you should be!

Will you be replaced by Artificial Intelligence at Work? Click to ask our AI

We like to stay one step ahead here at NetVoucherCodes, which is why we’ve dissected job roles and salaries by sector.

And using AI technology (we built a ChatGPT tool just for the job), we have assessed whether your career is at low, medium or high risk of being overtaken by shiny robots.

Could life as we know it slowly be morphing into an episode of Black Mirror?

If so, we hope the grim ending is left out!

Let’s take a dive into the data and find out who’s at risk and who can breathe a sigh of relief…

Percentage of UK careers at future risk from AI and Automation

Out of the careers we discovered using the ONS Employee earnings in the UK: 2022 Survey – just over 45% of jobs are at Medium to High risk of being replaced by AI. That breaks down as 7.1% of those are currently at HIGH risk 38.6% at medium risk and 54.3% jobs at low risk (phew!).

Percentage of UK careers at future risk from AI and Automation

And when it comes to automation, 8% are at high risk of replacement, a staggering 70.2% are at medium risk and just 21.8% are at low risk.

So what do these numbers mean for you?

Well, that all depends on what sector or industry you currently work in. And according to ChatGPT, the risk level may vary depending on the specific tasks and duties within each job.

Remember, we’re only speculating – so don’t shoot the messenger – blame chatGPT.

The risk of automation and AI is continually changing as technology advances, so it’s important to stay informed about the developments that are happening as we speak.

Top 20 Jobs with High Risk of Replacement by AI, Ranked by Average Salary

Probability that AI will
Career by Sector Replace Job Automate Job Boost Productivity UK Avg Wage
Secretarial and related occupations High Medium Moderate £19,162.00
Health associate professionals n.e.c. High Medium Low £18,871.00
Nursing auxiliaries and assistants High Medium Low £18,804.00
Housekeeping and Related Services High Medium Low £18,768.00
Cleaning and Housekeeping Managers and Supervisors High Medium Low £18,621.00
Leisure, travel and related personal service occupations High Medium Low £18,273.00
Elementary sales occupations n.e.c. High Medium Low £17,897.00
Industrial cleaning process occupations High High Low £17,771.00
Dental nurses High Medium Low £17,720.00
Sewing machinists High High Low £17,684.00
Bar and catering supervisors High Medium Low £17,365.00
Sales and customer service occupations High Medium Moderate £16,714.00
Housekeepers and related occupations High Medium Low £16,583.00
Elementary administration occupations n.e.c. High Medium Moderate £16,533.00
Elementary administration and service occupations High Medium Moderate £16,283.00
Taxi and cab drivers and chauffeurs High High Moderate £16,253.00
Typists and related keyboard occupations High Medium Moderate £15,955.00
Library clerks and assistants High Medium Low £15,928.00
Elementary Sales Occupations High Medium Low £15,750.00
Receptionists High Medium Low £15,566.00

Based on salaries, we’ve gathered a whole host of careers which are MOST likely to be replaced by AI.

And it appears those with some of the lowest paying salaries are the ones at the highest risk of replacement.

😖 Ouch.

Some of those which fall into the high category include sales assistants, secretaries and receptionists, all of which involve repetitive daily tasks – something which AI technology like ChatGPT can automate almost immediately.

Think about it, AI-powered virtual assistants could automatically take calls while AI systems could allow patients or clients to schedule appointments online – reducing the need for manual labour in secretary or receptionist roles.

Inventory management can be completely automated in the bar and catering services as well as scheduling shifts and staff management.

It’s also worth mentioning, for some food for thought, that many of the careers at risk including the likes of dental nurses and nursing assistants were classed as key workers during the pandemic.

But could these careers become completely automated in the future?

This information could be quite insightful for those already in these sectors or looking to venture into one of these careers.

Top 20 Jobs with Low Risk of Replacement by AI, Ranked by Average Salary

Probability that AI will
Career by Sector Replace Job Automate Job Boost Productivity UK Avg Wage
Chief executives and senior officials Low Low Moderate £109,937.00
Specialist medical practitioners Low Low Moderate £77,811.00
Aircraft pilots and air traffic controllers Low Low Low £72,209.00
Head teachers and principals Low Low Low £70,145.00
Medical Practitioners Low Low Moderate £67,610.00
Solicitors and lawyers Low Low Moderate £58,966.00
Managers, directors and senior officials Low Low Moderate £57,790.00
Legal Professionals Low Low Moderate £55,319.00
Barristers and judges Low Low Low £51,418.00
Paramedics Low Low Moderate £46,482.00
Ship and hovercraft officers Low Low Low £45,644.00
Generalist medical practitioners Low Low Moderate £44,768.00
Biochemists and biomedical scientists Low Low High £44,492.00
Aerospace engineers Low Low High £43,611.00
Police officers (sergeant and below) Low Low Low £43,072.00
Mechanical engineers Low Low Moderate £43,030.00
Pipe fitters Low Low Low £42,792.00
Higher education teaching professionals Low Low Low £42,739.00
Rail and rolling stock builders and repairers Low Low Low £42,446.00
Veterinarians Low Low Low £42,059.00

On the flip side, here we have careers with a Low risk of being replaced by both AI and Automation.

And it doesn’t take a genius to notice that these careers have some of the highest-paying salaries.

Let’s take CEOs and senior officials for example. Despite being at low risk, these professionals could capitalise even further by using AI & Automation.

Using AI technology for analysing data, predicting future trends and enhancing their decision-making could all lead to improved profitability and you guessed it, less requirement for manual labour.

But of course, we need to keep in mind that both ethical & political factors would play a huge part in any future AI-based decisions.

On the other hand, physical roles like Paramedics, Veterinarians, and Construction and Trade Workers are also the least likely to be replaced by AI. Mainly due to the nature of the jobs requiring manpower that can’t yet be replaced.

Though it’s worth mentioning that although they cannot be replaced, our data recognises how productivity levels can be enhanced using AI within these roles.

Especially for the likes of Aerospace Engineers, Biochemists and Biomedical scientists who fall into the high probability category.

For students or young people starting out in their career, or thinking about which career path to take, it might be wise to consider something in the above list!

Headteachers, legal professionals and barristers for example are some roles to aspire to.

The Top 20 Highest-paying Jobs Most Vulnerable to AI and Automation

To mix it up, we asked ChatGPT directly which job roles are most likely to be replaced by AI AND Automation and picked the top 20 roles ordered by the highest salary:

The Top 20 Highest-paying Jobs Most Vulnerable to AI and Automation.

And while Data Scientists and Telesales Agents may not have much correlation, one common denominator they share is that AI Systems could almost completely automate their jobs.

For example, AI technology has the capability to forecast sales based on historical factors, generate reports, analyse large data sets and so on and so forth.

But as mentioned previously, our data is here to simply provide insight.

We decided to delve a little deeper into the Creative Industries as well as Banking & Finance and Transportation sectors to discover how and why they could potentially be at risk.

Check out the full data.

Creative Industries

Since a large portion of the Content Team here at NVC fall under this category, we thought it was only right to start our search here.

And seeing as the first batch of AI technology unleashed to the public seems to be aimed at the creative industries, we’re wondering whether robots really could be coming for our jobs.

Could we be seeing AI-generated art hanging in galleries in the near future?

AI-generated art hanging in galleries of the future.

We honestly don’t know. But before you throw in the towel and start looking for a new career, let’s stay ahead of A.I. and think about how we can use them to our advantage.

From generating ideas & concepts to automating content, music production, and image and web design – the possibilities are quite literally endless.

Tools like Midjourney, Aiva and ChatGPT have been making waves in the last few weeks with their extraordinary capabilities that are sending creatives into a frenzy.

Using text prompts, these tools are creating completely automated content – arguably better than we could do ourselves.

Using simple prompts to create our images, Midjourney did all the work for us.


As you can imagine, we have a few geeks in our technical and content department here at NVC, as well as a few dog lovers. So naturally, we asked Midjourney to imagine what our favourite Star Wars characters would look like as dogs (as you do), and the results were from a galaxy far far away…

We asked Midjourney to imagine what various StarWars characters would look like as dogs.

Does this beg the question of whether Photographers, Graphic Designers and Interior Designers will be needed in the future?

Authors and Creative Writers are also being given a run for their money.

Moving onto ChatGPT, this incredible technology has the capability to collate information in seconds that would otherwise take hours to gather. Clever, we must admit!

And with AI advancing rapidly as we speak, we’re only at the start of the journey of what’s possible!

But let’s keep it real…

AI will never be able to replace the unique perspective and creativity of humans. But by using this technology, that creativity can be taken to all new heights!

Think about AI as a helpful tool to enhance productivity, inspire your creativity and save time & resources. After all, it’s always better to work with the machines than against them.

So what’s possible? The only limitations are your imagination:

Video content (character, music, voice-over & animation) was completely created by the NetVoucherCodes team using AI tools in a few hours.

Banking & Finance

We love talking about money here at NVC, but we’re afraid to tell you that those in the banking & finance sector are no exception to the perils of AI.

AI can already be used to create tools that predict trading patterns and automation the buying and selling process of shares.

Investment bankers, stock traders, and mortgage advisors are just a few of the roles at stake. With some at seriously high risk.

“But how and why?” you’re probably thinking.

Well, you guessed it – we asked AI.

Not only can AI-powered systems quickly and efficiently analyse loan applications and data, but they can also detect and prevent fraud without human error, as well as predict trends and make faster trades with more precision than human traders.

So, could AI Systems leave these high-powered professionals in the dust?

We have no idea!

But what we can predict is that although some jobs may be replaced, new jobs and opportunities will be created.

AI can be used to assist with financial analysis, fraud detection, and risk management.

By using AI to analyse financial data, professionals in finance can make more accurate predictions and identify potential fraud more quickly.

This can lead to better financial outcomes for their clients and an overall increase in productivity and efficiency.

However, with factors like ethics and regulations to consider, the outcome could be completely different.

If you want to see first-hand how a professional used ChatGPT to make a stock market prediction application, you simply have to check this out.


Automation has quickly become a hot topic in the world of transportation.

Tesla are pioneers of automation in automobiles, in the future all cars will have driverless features. It's just a matter of time.

Thanks to companies like Tesla, who have developed self-driving cars, it’s not difficult to imagine a future where human-driving vehicles are a thing of the past!

As we speak, automotive companies and tech firms like Tesla are investing heavily in the development of self-driving cars.

Not only to become less dependent on human labour but to make transportation more efficient and eco-friendly.

However, if all vehicles become driverless, that immediately eradicates the need for taxi drivers, delivery and lorry drivers as well as public transport operators.

But let’s not panic just yet.

The rise of automation in transport could also be a huge benefit to the world as we know it.

Traffic accidents due to human error could be greatly reduced. They could increase accessibility for those unable to drive as well as have huge environmental benefits like reducing emissions and congestion.

So, what does this mean for our human chauffeurs?

Well, in terms of job opportunities, self-driving vehicles and automation could create new jobs in areas such as software development, data analysis, sensor technology, and infrastructure development.

There will also be a need for people to monitor and maintain the vehicles, which could create jobs in areas such as vehicle maintenance & repair!

Entrepreneur, CEO and Visionary, Elon Musk, is no stranger to speculating about Artificial Intelligence and automation.

And as CEO of Tesla and early investor in OpenAI, he’s certainly paving the way for the future of AI & Automation.

In fact, Musk has been warning us of its outlandish capabilities for years…

During an interview at the AeroAstro Centennial Symposium back in 2014, he famously stated:

I think we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. If I had to guess at what our biggest existential threat is, it’s probably that. So we need to be very careful.

Elon Musk

He continued, “With artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon”.

So we asked Midjourney to do just that…

AI summoned this demon.

😱 Moving swiftly on….

Transforming the Workplace: The Impact of AI Tools on Job Efficiency and Productivity in the UK

You might be wondering how after working your way through the rankings for all these years you’ve finally ended up, well, here.

Job Efficiency and Productivity is about to receive a massive boost thanks AI & Automation.

You’ll be happy to know it’s not all doom & gloom, and it’s unlikely you’ll be getting the sack any time soon (we hope).

And in fact, AI and Automation technology could actually be a blessing.

As we mentioned earlier, it’s always best to work with the machines, and not against them.

And the probability that AI and Automation can make our lives easier and increase productivity is significantly high for hundreds of careers.

Many job roles that involve data analysis, pattern recognition, and decision-making can benefit from the use of AI.

Using ChatGPT for our research, we’ve asked it for bullet point list to show how AI could be assisting several job roles in the future:

Solicitors & Lawyers

As AI's like chatGPT get smarter solicitors will have to rely on Law Books less and less.

Solicitors and Lawyers can greatly benefit from the integration of AI technology in their work. AI can be used to assist in legal research by sifting through vast amounts of legal data and providing relevant information quickly.

Additionally, AI can be used in document review, to quickly identify relevant information and flag any potential issues, this can help lawyers to make decisions more quickly and efficiently.

And with the capabilities of systems like ChatGPT, AI technology can construct bespoke wills and contracts using simple text prompts.

In recent news, the CEO of DoNotPay, Joshua Browder made the wild proposition that lawyers should allow an AI using OpenAI to argue a case before the court.

Intrigued? You can read more about this here.

Doctors & Specialists (diagnosis)

The ability to diagnose with AI and machine learning means that diagnosis can be achieved much quicker at scale.

In the medical field, AI can be used to assist doctors and specialists with diagnostics, treatment planning, and drug development.

With the help of AI, these professionals can make more accurate diagnoses, develop more effective treatment plans, and even aid in the development of new drugs. This can ultimately lead to better patient outcomes and an overall increase in productivity and efficiency in their work.

In fact, the NHS is already using AI technology to develop new systems and is working to use AI safely and ethically at a large scale.


AI productivity tools will free up teachers time from repetitive tasks such as marking and planning lessons to being able to actually spend more time teaching students.

For those working in education, Artificial Intelligence can be used in multiple ways to enhance the quality of teaching. AI technology can personalise learning for students, assist with student assessment, and improve teacher productivity and efficiency.

By using AI to create learning plans, educators can ensure that each student is receiving the instruction they need to succeed.

What’s more, AI can assist with student assessment, allowing teachers to quickly and accurately evaluate student progress. This can lead to more effective instruction and ultimately better student outcomes.

In July 2022, the University of Essex conducted a study of what we can expect from AI in education and their findings include things such as assessment, employability and self-automated marking.


When it comes to retail, AI can be used to assist with stock management, customer service, and marketing. By using AI to analyse customer data, retailers can more effectively target their marketing efforts, leading to better sales and customer loyalty.

AI can also assist with consumer behaviour patterns, allowing retailers to keep their shelves stocked with the products customers want and price them accordingly.

Developers & Game Developers

Current AI technology has caused somewhat of a frenzy online when it comes to developers. It has the capability to assist developers and game developers with the development and testing of software.

Using AI as part of your development workflows will soon be commonplace.

And by using AI to automate certain tasks, developers can free up their time to focus on more complex work, ultimately leading to faster development times and more efficient use of resources.

One area we here at NetVoucherCodes have found ChatGPT to be particularly useful is in the development of software and games. For example, we have been using ChatGPT to test for bugs and generate ideas on how to improve the code of our game, Carpcraft.

We have even tested ChatGPT’s capabilities by asking it to give us the GML code required to build a simple Super Mario-inspired platform game, in less time than it took to read this sentence – officially mind blown 🤯.

And that’s not all. We asked ChatGPT how to build a tool using its own API that would make it possible for you to ask whether your chosen career is at risk from AI.  Pretty awesome right?We hope you’re not too worried reading this article, after all the doom and gloom (and hopefully a bit of light-hearted fun), it’s important to remember that after the last industrial revolution, new jobs always arrive when things change.

Looking at our data, one thing we can summarise is that with the help of AI tools, the jobs of the future will become easier and new exciting opportunities will arise.If you’re interested in asking our AI crystal ball, then pop your job title into the search tool below and find out why it thinks your role is at risk (or not 😊)

So is your job at risk from AI? Who knows..?

Will you be replaced by Artificial Intelligence at work?

Ask our AI generator...


NetVoucherCodes set out to discover how likely it is that Artificial Intelligence or Automation could replace jobs in the future. We based our search on job roles by sector and salaries obtained within these roles.

From there, using ONS Survey, we managed to determine whether these jobs were at low risk, medium risk or high risk of replacement.

We then used ChatGPT to estimate risk level from automation, AI and the likelihood of assistance from AI. It’s worth mentioning that these are general estimates. The risk of Automation and AI replacing jobs varies depending on the specific tasks and responsibilities of each job, as well as the specific industry and market conditions.

Then we asked chatGPT to describe suitable images for the content you’ve just read through and then asked it to turn them into prompts for Midjourney which did its magic and created all the wonderful imagery you can see in this post. Apart from the pie chart that the content team created 😉 and all the hard work we’ve put into creating this content!

Notes About the Data:

“n.e.c.” stands for “not elsewhere classified” or “not elsewhere specified.” It is used as a catch-all category for jobs or groups of jobs that do not fit into more specific categories or classifications. It is a way to group together similar jobs that may not have a specific title or classification or to group together jobs that are not well represented in more specific categories.

Data: Creative Industries

Probability that AI will
Career by Sector Replace Job Automate Job Boost Productivity UK Avg Wage
Video Game Developers Medium Medium High £48,750.00
Website Designers Medium Medium High £35,750.00
Authors Low Low Low £35,750.00
Animator Medium Medium High £35,000.00
Interior and spatial designer Medium Medium Moderate £35,000.00
Music Producer Low Low Moderate £35,000.00
Artists Low Low Moderate £33,591.00
Fashion Designer Low Low Moderate £30,000.00
Jewellery designer Low Low Moderate £30,000.00
Musician Low Low Moderate £29,500.00
Graphic Designers Medium Medium High £27,220.00
Photographers Medium Medium Moderate £26,843.00
Actors Low Low Low £26,105.97
Creative Writers Low Low Low £25,186.00
Stylist Low Low Low £25,004.00
Textile designer Low Low Moderate £24,750.00
Filmmaker High Medium High £28,555.00
Illustrator High Medium High £29,325.00
Game Designer High Medium High £49,167.00
Sound Designer High Medium High £32,500.00
Set Designer High Medium High £35,000.00
Film Editor High Medium High £35,000.00
Screenwriter Low Low Low £35,000.00
Film and Video Editor High Medium High £35,000.00
Art Director High Medium High £47,500.00
Creative Director High Medium High £60,000.00
Sound Engineer High Medium High £33,563.00
Lighting Designer High Medium High £30,000.00
Costume Designer High Medium High £32,370.00
Makeup Artist Low Low Low £39,000.00
Special Effects Artist High Medium High £40,015.00
Digital Marketer High Medium High £28,000.00
User Experience (UX) Designer High Medium High £45,000.00
User Interface (UI) Designer High Medium High £42,500.00
3D Designer High Medium High £35,000.00
Interactive Designer High Medium High £32,750.00
Motion Graphics Designer High Medium High £35,000.00
Industrial Designer Medium Medium Moderate £37,500.00
Virtual Reality Designer High Medium High £45,000.00
Augmented Reality Designer High Medium High £80,000.00
Voice over Artist Low Low Low £48,750.00

Data: Banking & Finance

Probability that AI will
Career by Sector Replace Job Automate Job Boost Productivity UK Avg Wage
Credit Analyst Medium Medium High £42,500.00
Budget Analyst Medium Medium High £41,500.00
Internal Auditor Medium Low High £45,000.00
Bank Manager Low Low High £46,790.00
Relationship Manager Medium Low High £39,796.00
Asset Manager High Medium High £50,000.00
Equities Trader High High High £47,500.00
Foreign Exchange Trader High High High £67,500.00
Wealth Manager High Medium High £55,000.00
Equity Analyst High Medium High £55,000.00
Investment Banker Medium Low High £45,000.00
Mortgage Advisor Medium Medium High £40,669.00
Loan Consultant Medium Medium High £22,000.00
Investment Banking Analyst Medium Medium High £55,000.00
Financial Analyst Medium Medium High £42,500.00

Data: Transport

Probability that AI will
Career by Sector Replace Job Automate Job Boost Productivity UK Avg Wage
Bus driver Low High Moderate £24,185.00
Transport planner Medium Medium High £28,078.00
Taxi driver Low High High £35,100.00
Warehouse lead Medium Medium High £40,447.00
Mechanic Low Low Moderate £30,009.00
Air Traffic Controller Low Low Moderate £50,000.00
Truck driver Low High High £23,347.00
Logistics manager Medium Medium High £41,390.00
Pilot Low Low Moderate £35,962.00
Rail project manager Medium Medium High £57,500.00

Full Data: AI & Automation: Risk of Jobs Being Replaced in the Future

Will you be replaced by a robot at work? by is licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International copyright by NetVoucherCodes share alike

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